3rd Quarter Moon in Pisces

June 10, 2023 | 12:31 pm (PST) | Keyword: Entertaining

The Moon is on high speed as it darts through the sign of Pisces stimulating an ethereal world of imagination and the desire for “happily ever afters.” It’s a cycle where creative talent may be directed toward an artistic endeavor, musical composition, or beautifying the home with ample opportunities to express your individuality and original ideas. Creativity may evolve, especially if you’re involved in projects where psychological or emotional issues can be introduced into your work. Your artistic creations may exhibit more depth of expression or major stylistic changes with themes related to conflict, power, or intense love. The heightened sense of beauty and refinement makes it difficult to deal with disharmony and the cruelty of the world, and puts a pronounced emphasis on relationship and nurturing qualities. Events that unfold are likely to include persons with strong Pisces in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign) and possibly Virgo.

Given other indications in your chart, you may meet someone with romantic potential if emotional reciprocity is present. But despite the tendency to lead with the heart, the prospect for this relationship to actually develop depends on whether expectations are met. However, this is not the time to expect firm commitments in your involvements regardless of the nature, whether good or bad, as relationships as a whole can lack certainty, direction, or definition.

Asteroid Union is conjunct Mercury which may suggest alliances that tie to information and situations that involve paperwork, study, writing, travel, and movement. This Mercury sits in the Pleiades cluster of stars which may indicate abundance, but also events involving something “to cry about.”

If you’re not involved in an intimate relationship, you may be playing the field or a particular person of interest may not be ready to make any kind of commitment at this time. If you’re already involved, you may not be sure where the relationship is heading even if you’ve been together a number of years. You may wish to make new acquaintances or socialize with groups of people due to new interests or you or your partner may decide to make changes that increase the level of freedom without consequence.

However, if your relationship is strained, you may question loyalty to one person or feel very restricted by the union. The intense desire for freedom and to defy limitations can lead to strong attraction to other people where issues related to monogamy arise. If you have difficulty reconciling the conflict between expectation and self-identity, you may participate in secretive behavior, and in some cases, you may be tempted to have an affair. This can put ethical questions to the fore related to sexual morality in order to define your personal moral code. The response is to examine any sexual encounters, realized or not, in the context of your own ideology and through a review of sexual freedom, preferences, and practices. The intensity of sexual and monetary situations you participate in also allows for the exploration of the motivations of others.

The overwhelming urge to partner signified by this period can prompt dependency issues and polarization through power. Relationships based on real love can enhance the level of intimacy to establish a more spiritual union . Alternatively, relationships under strain will become more difficult to sustain. Existing relationships, including long-standing, will tend to experience a shift where one partner requires more support emotionally, financially, or physically. The weaker partner will have difficulty making decisions or handling problems while the stronger partner becomes responsible for the well-being of the relationship. The partner with less power will either adapt to please or rebel.

Conflicts will be tend to be more emotional, especially where excessive jealousy, possessiveness, or lack of trust is part of the dynamic or is driven by the memory of past experiences that left you wounded. If there’s fear involved, the choice may be to stay in a relationship lacking equity. This can be due to the manipulation of feelings or unresolved psychological issues that cause you to stay in a non-productive relationship. But regardless of whether the relationship experiences growth or a decline, you’ll be unable to make concrete plans for the future. In fact, a partner (or anyone for that matter who represents your interests) may say one thing and do something entirely different resulting in confusion and misunderstandings. This underscores the need to rely on various sources for information, rather than just verbal messages. Trust your own judgment as it’s possible that you’ll be lied to or deceived by an intimate partner. Part of the problem could be that you unwittingly contribute to your own problems via some form of self-deception. If you try to push your vision of the future, you may eventually end up victimized by your misguided efforts.

For some, the partner could be making personal or career changes that will affect you directly or indirectly without any guarantees of return or success. On the one hand, you might be asked to sacrifice your own needs for your partner. On the other, you could find yourself in a situation where someone plays on your fears about personal inadequacy with the eventual emergence of excessive demands on the part of the person seeking to control you. The messages may be from lovers, children, or anyone you respond to on an unconscious level who may trigger issues related to power.

However, you may benefit through the resources of others and the income you receive is likely to increase, and possibly through a lump sum. A fated event is linked to the Part of Investment Success and you may acquire money through means such as an inheritance, a gift, or a monetary settlement from an insurance or legal claim, or funds from profit sharing, royalties, or advances. The Part of Fame and Recognition and the Part of Increase sits at the “millionaire’s degree” in opposition to Pluto and may signify the end of a home situation that has served its purpose or the end of a parental cycle. The response may be a move to another home or class. If you’re working toward a mutual goal for a major purchase, pooling resources may allow you to achieve that objective. Unfortunately, events might also involve the end of a life cycle or shared debts and the Part of Passion is instigating the strong probability of a struggle.

Events that occur motivate you to recognize the discrepancies in your own thoughts or because of circumstances that do not fit in with your old views. This may be in light of new information that specifically contradicts what you previously believed, and some of these insights come in the form of rude awakenings, challenges by others, or through the slow transition in a series of tests. In the interim, mundane, spiritual, religious or philosophical beliefs are in a state of evolution or turmoil causing you to question beliefs about yourself, your abilities, and other people. The process will require that you re-evaluate your position on a number of issues and make necessary adjustments. If you’ve identified yourself with a particular point of view, you’ll be threatened by challenge and resistant to new understanding and insight.

While relationship is what you want, a focus on career concerns may be the need. Actively pursuing your dreams helps you to become independent and self-actualized. You may decide to develop skills and talents that have been suppressed or dormant for years or revive old dreams that previous circumstances had not allowed. Public recognition and social achievement are very important and this is a period of great opportunity if you’ve carefully prepared a foundation. The spotlight, great or small, could shine in your direction, and this time period is auspicious for requesting a raise or seeking a promotion.

Perhaps you’ll take on a managerial role or direct a project that gives you considerable power, but also demands greater responsibility. You could be collaborating on a project, group activity, or working with friends. In these instances, you may be taking on a leadership role and motivating others. It’s critical that you’re cognizant of both personal abilities and limitations while forming goals with the use of critical information and research. If you’re involved in a writing project, this may be a good time to approach a publisher or agent. You may be obsessed with a specific topic, and in response, become involved in an intense learning situation either formally or through self-study. Alternatively, you may be a new teacher or an instructor who is reorganizing a lesson plan. The general goal is to reassess beliefs to examine any misconceptions that are contributing to any difficulties you’re experiencing.

If you enjoy your work, you may have workaholic tendencies that need to be moderated as the physical exhaustion will take a toll on your body. If you’re unemployed, or hate your present job, or find the workload overwhelming, stress-related conditions can crop up. A variety of situations ranging from an office love affair to employee conflicts can undermine your well-being, in which case, you need to re-evaluate your professional position, responsibilities or relationships in order to make constructive changes.

In fact, chronic health issues may be a direct result of your involvement in certain circumstances. You can make improvements by reassessing your health and work habits. You may be prone to colds and sore throats, but most illnesses are a consequence of long-term abuse, chronic problems, work-related stress or dietary deficiencies. An example would be a strict health regimen or diet that leads to poor or unbalanced eating habits, or a desire to lose weight that causes you to jeopardize your health. It may be the tendency to worry that results in depression and hypochondria.

This is a period to take stock of your achievements and bring matters into a state of completion. The process requires both faith, vigilance, and direction suggesting that when help is offered to accept it. Your efforts are likely to face challenges and obstacles that interfere with the goal, but guidance is yours for the asking to assist you in realizing potential.

That potential may manifest through the creative. The keyword for this cycle is entertaining and may suggest an emphasis on those who possess a wealth of imagination and gifts in the arts that provide pleasure to many. These may also be persons who somewhat lack stability, are prone to travel, and are pleasantly engaging. During this time, you may be playing host and entertaining others, entertaining the idea of something, or producing work that meets with applause.

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