1st Quarter Moon in Leo

May 8, 2022 | 5:21 pm (PST) | Keyword: Compulsion

This Leo moon lifts the curtain ever so slowly to reveal the next act in the drama of your life. Events are motivated by the emotional need to be center stage that may play out in the professional or public sphere or affect your public standing. As a result, you could gain greater recognition or notoriety that limits your ability to remain completely private or withhold certain information about yourself. This influence stimulates a focus on career development and is an excellent period for taking advantage of opportunities, particularly those related to sales or public relations. A transformation of your career might also include a change in job, duties, or position that involves dealing with the public or public service. For some, this is in regards to the value of education and you may assume a leadership role in an educational, religious, or charitable institution. At the center of these events will be a person with strong Leo in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising sign).

It’s quite likely that in most cases you are the instigator of change although, for some, decisions are prompted by uncertainty surrounding work conditions and the possible negative impact on your security. Contributing factors may include problematic conditions with a child and money, extravagant purchases, or unexpected developments with investments.

Career-wise, perhaps the attempt to move in a new direction is based on efforts to stand out from the crowd as you face the challenge of how to best apply your talents. Domestic life could feel unsettled with relationships becoming the battleground for disagreements, especially if you feel abandoned and neglected or have attracted a partner who is cold and withdrawn. These oppositions can bring upheaval in a love relationship, and separation through loved ones, children, friends and circumstances that cause you to suffer from bouts of depression, moodiness, and negative thought patterns. Problematic events may be the result of trouble through women–a lack of emotional response, the possible breaking off of a relationship, or a separation. Other challenges may be related to health concerns such as obesity, overindulgence, or heart health.

If you allow yourself to become overwhelmed by any negativity, you might miss opportunities and stagnate through a refusal to take risks. On the other hand, the caution is to avoid superficial attraction toward the next, shiny, new interest that compels you to throw away a current lifestyle in search of something more exciting.

Fortunately, if you’re involved in any legal affairs concerning children, this will likely have a beneficial outcome, although they may require your assistance in making the right contacts to solve the problem. Additionally, sporting events related to children and schools are also favored and participation may highlight a sportsperson who teaches a moral code.

Some individuals will travel for romance, entertainment, or with a school program. As Leo is the ruler of romance, this theme may affect you directly or indirectly in some way. In fact, you may be highly romantic and idealistic toward love with the current state of romance making a strong impact on your general mood and disposition. There’s a tendency to surround yourself with drama, romance, and mystery and you may be inspired to host a party or social gathering. You or others exhibit generosity and kindness, especially to the less fortunate and gifts may be given or received. This sign also rules creativity and will stimulate artistic pursuits and musical interests. The use of strong imagination can produce or showcase talented artists, musicians, and actors.

Working in your favor is a high degree of intuitive and/or prophetic ability combined with the strong will to overcome setbacks, difficulties, or health challenges and you may find the resolve to move past obstacles with surprising ease. This is a cycle of progressive energy that moves you toward the desired goal and new projects with a long-term view. This is the time to build a foundation through the means of travel, investments, important meetings, or by seeking a raise or promotion. Prominent and influential individuals can help further your goals and offer growth. It indicates a positive answer to questions concerning profit and gain, particularly when seeking a position of authority.

Negatively, the chart for this moon includes a close tie between Jupiter and the dreaded star, Scheat, the harbinger of tragedy and misfortune. Old astrological interpretations suggest many voyages, losses through the law, friends, and relatives, and danger of imprisonment. In response to unfolding events, religious leaders may feel compelled to speak out. Jupiter is representative of officials, civil servants, the judiciary, clergy, and bank representatives. It also has a correspondence with wealthy persons, fortune hunters, and those of religious and moral character. Expect a significant event occurring on May 13th that may connect to such individuals. These situations may expand on issues related to those who are sympathetic to the pain of others, or victims of crime or natural disasters. Unfortunately, it will also highlight those who enjoy the suffering of others.

The keyword during this cycle is compulsion. Compulsion is defined as the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something; an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one’s conscious wishes. It may indicate situations beyond your personal will or impulses that are difficult to control that can be physical or psychological in nature, or otherwise. It also signifies persons of compelling will and magnetic force who will stop at nothing to carry out ambitions.

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