Love Notes: Week May 6-13, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Don’t get it twisted. There’s confusion over exactly what the nature of a relationship should be. Are you friends? Lovers? Both? Perhaps you’re tempted to take a connection with a friend into romantic terrain. On the other hand, you may wish to slow the roll toward romance by building the foundation of your friendship first. In either case, something about the past or a past relationship has a bearing on whether you can or must start over in the here and now with the same person or a new one. In this rewind, the old patterns of behavior and responses no longer work or produce the desired results. If your past includes betrayal, emotional wounding, or misunderstandings, perhaps its time to wipe the slate clean and engage from a higher perspective.


  • Expression that goes to the heart–a need to recognize inner beauty
  • Wedding announcement; expensive invitations
  • Beautiful handwriting; beauty of the written word; poetry
  • Lovely message, love letter, card, note, compliment; reveling in the sentiment of a message
  • Invitation to pamper yourself
  • Written invitation, letter, email, text, phone call
  • Hearing from someone or making contact (may be with someone highly attractive or that makes you feel beautiful)
  • You’ll soon send or receive a love message


  • Joking about having a baby OR not taking the possibility of getting pregnant seriously; fertile period–letting loose leads to pregnancy
  • Baby announcement; baby shower
  • Time out related to giving birth, a new baby in the home; a need for recreation or down time
  • Time out due to issues related to birth, conception, fertility, or adoption; trying to conceive
  • Playfulness and enjoyment of a new baby or new interest
  • Luck involved in having a child OR starting something new (possibly at a distance)
  • Starting to feel more playful or lighthearted
  • Letting loose creatively–fertile period; initial stages of new projects or interests; birth of something new


  • Surprise (or shock) due to unexpected ending or transformation that leads to completely different circumstances
  • Unexpected news brings profound and unsettling changes
  • Surprise (positive/negative) related to taxes, inheritance, debt, or large sums of money
  • A need to open to new possibilities in order to regenerate a circumstance or relationship
  • Unexpected encounter or inevitability of situation that is sexual in nature
  • A blast from the past (may be connected to Scorpio person–sun, moon, rising)
  • Surprise at what’s been released


  • Trying to control how romance plays out (you/other)–new relationship or moving to the next level; honeymoon phase
  • Control issues in relationship; domineering or aggressive behavior; authoritarian
  • Excessive demands concerning romance (you/other); sense of entitlement; expectation of the royal treatment
  • One partner taking on most of the responsibility in or for relationship
  • An authority on romance
  • Self-mastery–trying to maintain control over feelings–exhilaration OR the need to open to love
  • Being treated like a king/queen where love is concerned


  • Wearing a mask (may be with regard to protocol when traveling, possibly overseas)
  • Someone very different from the attractive veneer presented
  • Taking a closer look at falseness–false friend, gossip, liar, opportunist, player, imposter, con; person pretending to have your best interest at heart
  • Wearing a mask according to circumstance (literal, figurative); presenting a false face in relationship (you/other); masked feelings
  • Looking behind the curtain to find the secret agenda, ulterior motive; not revealing intentions (you/other)
  • Revealing what’s behind the mask (you/other)


  • An opportunity for privacy; you and your partner may need to spend time alone together
  • Opportunity involving closed-door negotiations; behind the scenes influence
  • Keeping an opportunity quiet or hidden–a need for discretion
  • Opportunity to connect with or that comes through someone who is very private and difficult to know or access


  • Intuition gives a higher perspective OR tells you that you’re not on solid footing
  • Valuing the sacred and its connection to intuition; spiritual awakening; presence of Spirit in everyday
  • Insights related to nature and/or humanity
  • A need for grounding–intuition reveals a message through an encounter
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward


  • A need to seek direction about intimate relationships
  • Spirit guides lead you to or away from romance
  • Guidance given or received concerning a romance; dating advice
  • Exploring the psyche in matters of love (yours/other)
  • Dating, courtship, date; guided by romantic inclinations
  • Opening to inner voice concerning relationship, invitation, or romantic gestures


  • Paid hypnotist; paying for x-rays
  • Focused on finances; workaholic; career/work take priority over relationship
  • Creative ways to make money–letting creativity loose; getting creative with the use of money
  • Mesmerized by the money–financial prospect; money is no object–all is possible
  • Can only think about money–making it, spending it, lack of it
  • Smitten with expensive or luxury item; using money to have fun; playfulness about money matters
  • Seeing through intentions when it comes to money or finance
  • Start of something related to finances
  • Shared financial goals; family business; finances affect the relationship
  • Work affair with superior, colleague, coworker, client; relationship connected to work setting
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry (banking, investments, real estate, etc)


  • Someone behaving with big head and small heart; relationship needs mending
  • A need for change–relationship hindered by selfishness, arrogance, pride (you/others)
  • Self-righteousness; refusal to compromise (positive/negative)
  • A need for change but pride prevents one from taking action (you/other)
  • Ego (rise/fall) related to following a dream
  • Transformation of ego–opportunity for change
  • Ego plays a role in embracing a new self-identity


  • Famous hideaway; persons in the spotlight seeking privacy, anonymity, or reclusive destination; beautiful house by the sea
  • Confidence to be alone
  • A greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others (may be for research, recovery, relaxation)
  • Places of retreat, spas, rehabilitation; renowned hospital; sanctuary
  • Private world (meditation, creativity, mental health)
  • A need to be alone as a couple


  • Fall from grace; hurt about not getting recognition you deserve–need for self appreciation and love; seemingly confident but really brokenhearted
  • Confidence level impacted by loss–a shift in scarcity consciousness
  • Sharing confidences regarding a broken heart
  • Recognition of disappointment (yours/other) due to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break up of relationship; disappointed in someone you placed confidence in
  • Gratitude about moving on from situation rife with disappointment or wounding; confidence gained through break up of relationship
  • Riding high after a disappointment; success that comes after heartbreak

Image: Venus and Mars, Francisczek Smuglewicz

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