Love Notes: Week Apr 15-22, 2022

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: The writer Ayn Rand defined freedom as “To ask nothing. To expect nothing. To depend on nothing.” While this version of freedom may be a bit extreme, a situation surrounding such issues now asks that you examine where and why you’ve relinquished control to someone else. Are you independent, codependent, or interdependent? The circumstance may involve children, their impact on your relationship, the decision to have a child, or the relationship to your children. Perhaps matters connect to someone from your childhood, someone younger, or finding the way back to your own inner child. A return to the lightness of being found in the innocence of youth, romantic joy, or creative play for its own sake requires asking yourself where you feel limited and inhibited. This question might arrive in the form of an opportunity or because of an invitation to socialize, begin a romance or friendship, or to start something new.


  • Illusions–need to take steps to deal with government, corporations, or large institutions
  • Enchanted with a large, historic, or luxury property
  • Fascinated with history, wealth, power, or powerful individuals–attracting what you desire
  • Drawn to traditional values or conservatism; influenced by history; political stance
  • A history of influencing others–leaving a legacy
  • Old money–you/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, influence; staying within perceived elevated status when socializing, dating, or marrying; arranged marriage
  • Bringing ideas to life through ties of wealth, politics, power, education
  • Love of history, the past, or politics
  • A focus on historical/generational wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties


  • Dangerous adventure (luck and timing may play a role)
  • A need to wake up to possibility of being victimized; pushing boundaries (you/others)–new perceptions regarding violence and abuse
  • Change instigated by defeat (you/others)
  • Getting carried away or falling down a rabbit hole in an argument–endless debate
  • Change (for better or worse) as a result of toxic interactions and exchanges
  • End of a battle–seeking new horizons


  • “Loaded” or heavy conversations; difficulty in expression; escapism–running away from certain conversations
  • Need to release self-repression–unresolved issues affect the way you engage with others; not letting go of old wounds and resentments; inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that prevent or damage relationship
  • Relationship saddled with baggage from the past–childhood patterns, ego, past relationships; partnering based on shared disappointment rather than shared goals or interests
  • “Lighten up” the dialogue
  • Concerns about vitality in relation to travel
  • Planning or discussing travel plans; traveling somewhere to do what you love; happy expression regarding trip or location


  • New love of traveling; traveling to somewhere you love; traveling with or to see new love
  • Pushing the boundaries (for better or worse) when it comes to new love; a need to try something new (different type, approach, etc)
  • Exploring new love–new relationship on the immediate horizon; new love is in the works or on its way; courtship, beginning stages of relationship
  • Meeting a new potential partner (may be romantic or connected to a new interest)


  • Adoration of family (given/received); enjoyment of family life; desire to start a family
  • Family valuables; jewelry given or passed down from family; receiving something of value from a family member
  • Holding on to something of value that belongs to family or family member
  • Appreciation–shared family values are important to relationship
  • Abundance that comes through family; large family
  • Honoring a family member; family celebration; creating family traditions


  • Renewing option–(room, space, hotel, airbnb); honeymoon, romantic getaway
  • A need to encourage a positive mindset concerning level of connection or intimacy
  • Healing intimate connection; renewal of emotional ties–relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and/or emotional intimacy; new beginning in close relationship
  • Recovery and healing–bed rest; revitalization–new beginning


  • Rejecting taking off on a trip, going overseas, or taking off work
  • Rejection in relation to foreigners or those at a distance (you/other)
  • Project, relationship, endeavor fails to take off; putting in effort, time, money, energy, emotion, etc. without a return (you/other); disinterest
  • Incompatibility; wrong love choice; lack of attraction; relationship likely to remain platonic
  • Taking off because of rejection
  • Successful take-off after experiencing rejection


  • Being shadowed by a third party; stalking (social media)–someone at the center of attention (you/other)
  • Dancing with the devil–love triangle, menage-a-trois
  • Shadow behavior related to love triangle or third party interference (you/other); hidden aspects of self or a situation
  • Fear or illusions concerning outside interference in relationship; a need to acknowledge fears of infidelity
  • Power behind the throne
  • On the low–one person catered to by multiple parties; multiple suitors vying for attention


  • A love of money; investment in something you love; investment in self
  • Finances are affecting the relationship; workaholic; career and work take priority over relationship–a need to bring more love into your life
  • Work affair with coworker, colleague, client, or superior; relationship connected to work setting
  • Self-love over money
  • Sending money overseas; foreign currency or investment
  • Generosity–giving/receiving money from someone you love; shared financial goals; family business; opening your heart and your wallet
  • Love with wealthy person; you/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Dream trip; expensive destination


  • Pantomiming spirituality; reducing spirituality to a magic trick (you/other)
  • Spiritual magic; a need to notice everyday magic; spiritual revelations
  • Being watched as a spiritual leader or watching spiritual person
  • Taking a closer look at faith, beliefs, or whether core values align; don’t speak, do
  • Looking behind events–spiritual purpose; awareness that relationship serves to bring spiritual evolution or teach lessons
  • Examining connection where one of you is more focused on spiritual growth than being in relationship
  • Alchemical magic in union–you share deep spiritual connection with someone
  • Trust in a higher source; revelation concerning answered prayers


  • Awareness that relationship is making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress; you/partner may need greater freedom
  • Failure to fully express–relationship never really develops
  • Keeping a lid on or failing to share new information; revelation about something you weren’t told
  • Self-awareness due to uncomfortable changes
  • A need to think outside the box–looking for an escape route; confining situation is hindering you from sharing, expressing, or making the most of your best self
  • New perspective about trying to change the partner into an ideal
  • New perspective–positive inner transformation, creativity, or expression waiting to be released


  • Reveling in the thrill–sexual conquest is driving the relationship (you/other); one-night stand; risky sexual behavior–need to recognize inner beauty
  • Anger about inappropriate or unwanted advances; not seduced by the pretty face
  • Jealousy concerning unfaithfulness (you/other); you/partner may be secretly tempted by another person; jealousy because of someone highly attractive or from a partner because you are
  • Looking for satisfaction outside of the primary relationship; someone is interfering in your relationship
  • Pampering yourself to get over jealousy or infidelity
  • Luxuriating in the role of “mistress” or “the other” (you/other); receiving luxuries as the mistress; partner indulging a mistress/other; unfaithfulness
  • Passionate affair OR anger concerning love betrayal

Image: Portrait of a Young Woman, Ernst Deger; A Young Girl with a Butterfly, Frank Brooks, A Young Girl in a Garden, Alfred Augustus Glendening

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