Full Moon in Libra

April 16, 2022 | 11:54 am (PST) | Keyword: Harmony

The moon jets through the sign of Libra while highlighting self-expression through the performing arts, music, entertainment, or art. During this cycle, you could have great self confidence and a dramatic flair for dealing with the public or impressing others with your poise and charm. A special talent for lighting up social gatherings and arousing enthusiasm in others makes you a good public relations person or promoter with a natural business sense in service to the realization of ideas, philosophies and concepts. With natural authority to convey a message, you have the capacity to win others over to your point of view, but can also pander to the crowd. These events will largely center on persons with strong Libra in the natal chart (sun, moon, or rising).

Usually in possession of social graces, you make the perfect companion but the problems arise when you attempt to avoid confrontation at any price. You may choose to hide your own feelings to appease others and allow them to take advantage of you but you must learn to speak your truth regardless of consequence.

However, you’re also highly impressionable and may have difficulty accurately assessing situations causing you to act on emotional biases in reaction to events and experiences. The Black Moon Lilith sits in place at a degree that provokes you to release what’s been repressed, usually as part of the shadow self, and in a very public way. Mercury is also parallel to the star Alhena which emphasizes having a voice–one that demands to be heard. It can bring the tendency to force issues in confrontations that result in sudden and dramatic life changes. This may play out through family relations or social functions that go awry. The better answer is to direct your need for intensity into creative pursuits.

This cycle continues the energy begun at the quarter moon with an emphasis on the home front highlighting your place of residence or domestic affairs and its connection to your emotional needs. You’re likely to either change where you live or something about your home during this period with an interest in creating a more comfortable environment. The changes you make are likely to have a direct correlation to the emotional changes you’re currently experiencing inside as a reflection of some inner dissatisfaction or extreme sensitivity. You can feel especially vulnerable and your feelings are easily hurt. In the desire to protect both self and loved ones, the response may be to possessively hold on to both people and things.

The relationship axis degree is at master number 22 which usually entails a highly demanding spiritual evolution of some difficulty, but also represents the master builder with the capability to manifest dreams through hard work and sincere effort. You can accomplish much through resourcefulness and taking advantage of opportunities through quick and decisive actions.

The influence pushes you to examine a history of behavior, habits, and patterns that continue to affect your life presently. You’re compelled to look at the level of emotional support and reciprocity in your closest connections. For some, this corresponds to broken romantic attachments or engagements. For others, you must address issues of deception with a mate, business partner, or marital difficulties that negatively impact health. This would also be a good time to encourage partners to get a medical checkup or assessment. Perhaps you must care for an ill partner or make sacrifices for one struggling with alcohol or substance abuse. These situations will also provide revelations about the impact you make on others and may cause you to reevaluate alliances that fall short of expectation where needs are concerned.

This process can be motivated by exchanges that leave you feeling confused about exactly what to believe due to a mismatch between word and deed or what you’ve been told by others. In fact, this is likely to be a period when some injustice or swindle comes to light. Double-check the background before entering into any partnership during this cycle as disreputable characters could enter your life at this time. Opposition with others, in some cases, involves police activity or litigation. The choice to stay in an unstable relationship may be rooted in fear of being alone, rejected, or alienated.

Fortunately, as matters come to climax the worst of the storm will have passed. The keyword for this cycle is harmony, and once the negative energy dissipates, you may discover within yourself a nature more devotional and sensitive with a desire to influence others for good. Although, the threat of cleverness and theft is present, there is generally a positive indication in financial questions. The key is to maintain equilibrium by taking measures that offer a more firm position of safety and security. The period of amassing wealth is past, and the current focus is assessment and safe guarding of what has been accrued. Be mindful of the signals that alert you to the possibility of impending loss, which can, with prudence, be avoided.

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