2022 Lovescope|Virgo

Dear Virgo, why make things harder than they have to be? Either you’re putting in too much effort in career at the expense of your relationship or your personal partnership is becoming a burden. It’s time to cut the dead wood and lighten the load by learning to say no to more than you can handle.

If coupled, you could be shouldering the majority of responsibility for keeping the relationship alive by making concessions in order to keep your partner happy. Exchanges might feel like a drag if your mate is constantly riding your back to fulfill their expectations. On the other hand, perhaps your refusal to delegate duties is really based on the egotistic assumption that matters won’t be handled “correctly” unless it’s in your hands. Whether partnered or single, it may be that sex or intimacy has fallen to the list of chores. Maybe you’re too tired, too overworked, or too self-absorbed to schedule in quality time with a love interest as a priority. Eventually, the lack of balance between you will become a breeding ground for contempt and resentment due to unexpressed feelings and unsatisfied needs and desires.

If single, you may be resistant to going out and making the effort required to meet or date. Job related stress or social anxiety becomes a blockage. But not fully engaging with life can drain the life right out of you. It’s highly probable that self-doubt is the reason you’re defensive in the illusion that more problems exist than actually do. Perhaps it’s really you who’s expecting too much from you.

The answer is simply to lighten up–this isn’t an endurance race. Learn how to relax and have fun with a partner. If your existence totally revolves around work or working on financial goals together, the dividends for excessive drive and ambition are likely to be be ill health and/or loneliness, not to mention becoming a real bore. This year you’ll need to branch out beyond the confines of the office to find or keep love.

Card Deck: The Dreamkeepers Tarot, Liz Huston, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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