2022 Lovescope|Leo

Dear Leo, there are parts of you firmly rooted but still looking to branch out. But what you seek lies within. This year will provide plenty of opportunity for introspection while spending time researching, creating, studying, or meditating. This is a personal journey where you must answer a deep call to discover inner truths that, at times, may be uncomfortable–a sabbatical for the soul, if you will. The odyssey inside happens when you shed the distractions and delays that keep you from being present and listening to your own voice. The warning is to make sure your focus is on point so that you don’t miss the point.

Part of your life or love considerations may include issues of age, health, experience, education, wisdom, or spiritual beliefs. In the interim, the choice may be to keep others at arms length in order to preserve your own mental or emotional health, especially if your exchanges perpetually end with confrontation. If you’ve felt isolated, dejected, or detached, wallowing in a pity party won’t provide the fulfilling relationship you seek. While situations bring humbling lessons that enlighten you as to your weaknesses, rest assured you’re spiritually protected through any challenge or crisis of faith.

The good news is that you’re becoming much wiser and philosophical as you learn to see yourself and others in the stark light of reality. Perhaps you’re taking a closer look at potential partners before getting involved to make sure you share the same core values. Maybe you’re examining the foundation of an established relationship to determine if mutual alignment still exists. Listening, observation, discernment, and self-reliance are the tools by which you’re able to make decisions that are best for your highest good despite what you’re told by others. The point of this period is to help you close out certain chapters of life with unfinished business you might be avoiding.

If you’ve been single and lonely for a while, this could be a year when the light finally enters your life with the arrival of partner possessing the depth that you’ve been searching for. It’s possible that this connection is spiritual or karmic in nature and/or the individual is older, educated, mature, or wise. This relationship is likely to offer significant lessons or either of you may serve the other as a guide or mentor. A Virgo (sun, moon, or rising) may play a pivotal role.

Card Deck: The Dreamkeepers Tarot, Liz Huston, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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