2022 Lovescope|Taurus

Dear Taurus, you’re either taking on the energies of the Queen of Cups or this influence will soon enter your life. Although your quiet reserve is often mistaken for unresponsiveness, you possess great sensitivity that may be expressed through the arts, healing, or spiritual pursuits. Alluring and mysterious, others are easily and inexplicably drawn to you.

This year you’ll provide a calming effect for your loved ones while standing firmly grounded in your own emotions. You’ve learned to tap into the unconscious self to discover your real needs. Ready and willing to offer support, your gift is the ability to reflect back the light of those around you to inspire them to be their best. This may be through your role as a maternal figure where children and family are the central focus of life or a deeply intimate and spiritual connection with a partner. Your satisfaction comes from sharing dreams with a trusted mate and through exchanges where you delve into the very heart of any matter. Together, you may build on these dreams or pursue financial investments that connect to creative interests.

If you’re single, the time has come for you to set aside discussion or thoughtful analysis in favor of emotional engagement. But the mystique factor makes you difficult to know–others tend to view you in the light of a projection they’ve created. You’ll have to step out of your rich inner world to allow yourself to actually experience intimate connection, rather than superficial encounters. There’s a real possibility for merger if you’re seeking a partner who offers the valued traits of kindness, nurturing, and compassion as the top requirements of your checklist.

But empathy can also make you a target for those who might impose on your good nature. You’ll need to be cautious about allowing a partner to become overly dependent on you or creating codependency in your relationships. If you’re a parent, successfully juggling the concerns of your children against the needs of a partner or your own will be important for sustaining a romantic bond and emotional well-being. Consequently, you’ll rely strongly on your intuitive strengths to determine how to proceed in a relationship.

Alternatively, if you’re uncomfortable with emotional expression you can be overwhelmed with immobilizing feelings that provoke you to play the victim, savior, enabler, or master manipulator who pulls the puppet strings by inducing guilt. This can also manifest as excessive drinking, drug use, unfaithfulness, or promiscuous behavior. The tendency to be excessively needy can cause you to sell yourself short and settle for the role of other, mistress, or kept.

In the positive, this is a year to indulge the senses constructively and to do only that which moves your heart and imagination. When you surround yourself with beautiful things, good food, plants, art, children, and pets, your happiness becomes a magnet, which in turn, attracts luck and romance. Stable emotions coupled with intuition encourages loving connections. A water sign person, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, (sun, moon, or rising) may play a significant role.

Card Deck: The Dreamkeepers Tarot, Liz Huston, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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