2022 Lovescope|Gemini

Dear Gemini, if you’re single, this could be the year when you receive a marriage proposal or meet a special someone on vacation, a business trip, or a work event. If coupled, there may be much love and security between you within the framework of an established family setting or a solid marriage.

You’ve held hard and fast to the rules that follow tradition or what was expected of you. Perhaps you’ve considered getting married or have dreams of growing old with a partner. Owning a home, having children, and being part of the community at large are part of the natural order. This is a year that can support those desires through coming prosperity, abundance, and assurances of financial security that will offer long-term growth. You might even achieve this in a working partnership involving a family business.

But as of late, you’ve started to look at life a little differently and it has you questioning whether the path you’re on is actually the path of your own choosing. While you can appreciate heritage, family influence, and the roots of your past, you’re not sure if you subscribe to the same conservative beliefs. Perhaps you’ve found yourself agreeing to an arranged marriage, being pressured into commitment, or in a relationship that has strong family support. Despite a life of wealth and security, circumstances may still feel limiting on an emotional level. Family influence can overwhelm the relationship making both of you feel stifled by the lack of freedom or independence. There’s an indication that you need to pay closer attention to your own affairs. In response, you may decide to break the mold to forge your own way of doing and being in a relationship.

In the negative, trouble may brewing in paradise due to over-extension, financial problems, or disputes within the family over money that end in estrangement. If so, you may decide to free yourself from the confines of a situation where you’re shouldering someone else’s share of the responsibility or there’s a lack of emotional or financial reciprocity.

Card Deck: The Dreamkeepers Tarot, Liz Huston, U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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