Lunar Eclipse|Full Moon in Taurus

November 19, 2021 | 0:57 am (PST) | Keyword: Disorder

Without going into an in-depth discussion of eclipses, lunar eclipses represent an emotional shift with solar eclipses actualizing a powerful influence over external matters. You’re likely to experience the effect several days prior to the occurrence or shortly thereafter, although the eclipse degree can remains a trigger point for transits long after the eclipse has passed. Look to a core theme from your life 19 years ago that may be significant as events play out in the current reiteration. These are fated circumstances that are major catalysts for major life decisions, especially if the eclipse falls on a significant point in the natal or progressed chart. With a lunar eclipse, earth comes between the sun and moon and cuts off the light of the sun to the moon. The “lights out” effect as the duo of solar and lunar eclipses work in tandem is symbolic of a hidden facet of life kept from full view temporarily. Together, they trigger the distinct possibility that something will be eclipsed out of your life to make way for new growth and experiences.

The closer that an eclipse occurs to one of the nodes, the greater the effects, and this moon is within a tight orb of the north node in Gemini. The energy of the Mind of the Universe is channeling through the intellect and psychic abilities can be pronounced. The purpose is to use communication skills effectively while learning to express yourself through constant exchanges with others. While this eclipse does has a joyous overtone (which I’ll address in the solar eclipse post), it would be hard to ignore the moon’s conjunction to the star Algol suggesting that some of these interactions may have something to do with overcoming personal tragedies, sadness, or loss and acting with a strong social conscience. Algol also carries a connotation for wealth and may bring fortune through employment.

In fact, with the moon in the sign of Taurus, there’s a strong emotional need for material security which highlights possessions, income and spending capacity, personal debt, talents, values, and self worth. You can be extremely resourceful, determined, and diligent in the goal of building wealth to provide the sensory comfort you seek, and indeed, this is not the time to follow the crowd or pass the buck of responsibility to someone else for your stability. The priority could be to receive an increase in earnings based on past efforts or additional responsibilities.

However, there can be opposition or decisions to make as a result of a final ending, changes, or separation. The cause of resistance or confrontation may be expected benefits that have either been delayed or denied. Some of the tension stems from the lack of comprehension concerning insurance, taxes, contracts, joint finances, or disagreements with relatives over insurance, wills, or inheritance. An element of secrecy, manipulation, or underhanded tactics could surround these matters.

Conceivably, you might wish to enter into a creative pursuit, and some may possess original imagination and inspiration that gives artistic and musical ability, particularly traditional and classical forms of music and art. Intuitive strengths you possess can be applied to business affairs and managerial capabilities in the fields of art, luxury items, and the administration of medical, religious, or psychiatric institutions. Perhaps you decide to take a class, write, teach, or lecture on subjects that are of passionate interest. You may want to write a book or create something that offers benefit to humanity. The objective is active involvement in a variety of experiences that broaden your horizons while also creating opportunities that allow you to share your ideals with others. This is motivated with the intent of generosity and cooperation for collaborative efforts that bring success. These are likely to include spiritual links or unions, family ties, alliances between women, or associations within groups. If hope and optimism are part and parcel of your message, even better.

To personally expand, you’ll want to break free from the regular routine in pursuit of mind altering adventures that feel liberating. This might suggest foreign travel, education, or exposure to perspectives that come as a result of cultural, ethnic, political, or religious differences. However, freedom is meant to be used as the fuel that provides impetus for social responsibility and greater intimacy with others, and not simply for its own sake. On the other hand, growth may come through re-examining your own belief system to arrive at a new set of principles that more adequately reflects the current state of your life.

But be cautious of over-optimism and over-extension in matters related to business and domestic affairs through situations that lead you to promise more than can be delivered. In some cases, a lack of support for your concepts can create setbacks or unexpected expenditures. Projects must be founded in practicality with workable ideas that are feasible. A lack of sound judgment may push you to the limit in speculation, exhaustive costs, or a failure to check facts, or financial status.

The key word for this cycle is disorder which indicates something in a state of confusion or disarray concerning personal or business affairs or health conditions. You can miss important cues or fail to adequately understand circumstances due to the lack of applied effort in study or the true cultivation of talent and skills. Self-sacrifice is demanded, but long study and care will provide the reward. This indicates the successful solution of an intellectual problem or the necessity of applying intelligence to a current dilemma. As such, you’re called upon to use the intellect in a noble and honorable manner, rather than for the aim of cunning or deceit.

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