Love Notes: Week Nov 5-12, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Oh my! Where did the time go? You could be getting lost in emotional conversations or old memories filtered through a lens of nostalgia that cause you to lose track of the time. On the other hand, perhaps you’re comparing notes with an old love over how each of you viewed the past. For some, you’ll make the decision to wear or remove the mask based on past experiences. Was it as good for you as it was for me? Can you trust your own recollection? Either of you might have a way of rearranging the history of events to suit matters more to your liking or conveniently forgetting the good or the bad. The truth likely lies somewhere between the two of your accounts, but you’ll have to search deeper to find it.


  • Emotional baggage that may be tied to romance, creativity, children, or health
  • The strength of psychological baggage–past conditioning, childhood patterns, ego, past relationships
  • Self-esteem needed to release baggage OR blockages created by ego
  • Partnering because of shared disappointment rather than common interests or goals
  • Inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship
  • Escapism in attempt not to deal with emotional baggage
  • Unresolved issues affect the way you engage with others
  • Inability to let go of old wounds and resentments; heavy heart
  • The strength to leave–fearlessly taking action
  • Romantic trip or destination; travel plans


  • Maintaining balanced emotions in the face of rejection; outer/inner alignment
  • Playing hard to get; wearing a mask to act like you don’t care; appearing uninterested
  • Rejecting wearing a mask (physically or emotionally)
  • Rejection due to inability to balance work with personal life
  • Successfully juggling a situation you don’t want


  • Open to reconciliation; make up after breakup
  • Reunion; reconnecting with someone you were previously separated from
  • Reconnecting with the intent to bring more love into your life; falling in love again
  • Love tryst
  • Creative meeting
  • Making peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts; relationship counseling or therapy
  • Generosity–working out issues or terms; giving/receiving love


  • Hearing from someone or making contact (may be related to a loss)
  • Old love letters, cards, sentiment from a dead relationship or someone who passed; mourning
  • Messages of love that honor the past; memorabilia–cards, old wedding announcement, etc.; condolences
  • You’ll soon send/receive a love message; written invitation, text, email, phone call
  • Messages from spirit guides or from loved ones that have crossed over
  • Letters that reveal a history


  • Not sure if the person you’re interested in is interested in you (or vice versa); trying to sort out fiction from reality
  • Believing in your dreams–contract, proposal, or engagement to be married; magical reality
  • Creativity related to jewelry; engagement ring–fantasy sparkler; promise ring; creative contract
  • Trying to gain clarity concerning agreements or dissolving them; not sure if you want to commit
  • Concerns involving contracts or unions that are legally binding
  • Social engagements, party, promise, or offer


  • Receptive to secret admirer; open to opportunity; someone interested that you hadn’t considered
  • Being blocked or blocking someone
  • Feeling as if the person you’re attracted to is just out of reach; secret crush; running after an illusion
  • Listening to intuition about someone you admire or whether you’re admired
  • You may have secret admirer who is reluctant to come forward
  • New direction in an attraction
  • Special someone may be unaware that they hold the key to your heart
  • Someone is watching you (friends, colleagues, social media)


  • Rejecting new love in favor of healing, self love, self nourishment
  • Taking a time out with a new love OR time out from starting any new relationships
  • Healing from OR because of a new love (person, interest)
  • New love is in the works or on its way; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • New love involving healing or healers; beginning stages of relationship; meeting a new potential partner
  • Healing influence to help find new love (self, others)


  • Pulling the mask off to reveal your desire to either resurrect a relationship or move on
  • Putting your guard down brings renewal–something thought dead has new life
  • Seeing through disingenuous intent–moving on from the old
  • Seeing things for what they really are concerning the renewal of or changes in a relationship
  • Feeling vulnerable without a mask (physically, emotionally)
  • Coming clean about something that impacted relationship


  • Trying to gain clarity about a friend, your group, or followers
  • Clarity about whether someone thinks or feels like you do; you’re gaining greater clarity or truth in this relationship
  • Awareness of need for playfulness, socializing
  • Coming to a clear understanding concerning collaborative efforts or partnership
  • Hidden revealed (may be cause for celebration)
  • Something about interactions brings important issues to light; light bulb moment


  • Falling down a rabbit hole and getting lost in the past
  • Need to wake up–past conditioning affects your relationship(s)
  • Pushing boundaries in or related to the past positively or negatively (you/other)
  • Someone from the past “just disappeared”
  • Leaving the past behind for new horizons; change
  • New perceptions about the past or someone from the past
  • Dealing with relationship from the past because of unfinished business (from this life or previous)
  • Continuing love in this incarnation
  • Something from a long time ago; may be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past


  • Lacking the key to an opportunity
  • End of an opportunity; out of luck
  • No solution to create possibilities or unlock opportunity; not having the answer; don’t have a clue
  • Taking a risk because you don’t have any other solution
  • Opportunity to arrive at answers, solve problems, or discover secrets previously locked


  • Starting to get angry
  • Upset about pregnancy or birth (you/other)
  • Baby announcement, baby shower
  • Empowerment over concerns related to birth, conception, fertility, adoption; birth control; reproductive rights
  • Passionate about a new beginning; passionate start; beginning of passion in relationship
  • Giving birth to a passion; manifesting plans/dreams; fertile period
  • Harnessing personal power to give birth–child, project
  • Leadership in the birth of something new; initial stages

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Image: Le Tendre Ressouvenir (Tender Memory), Jean-Baptiste Greuze

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