Love Notes: Week Oct 29-Nov 5, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: The general political atmosphere continues to instigate conflict and disagreements surrounding wearing a mask or the effectiveness of doing so. However, on a personal level, you or a partner could be masking feelings of anger or trying to discern whether the other person is angry, especially where matters of work or finances are concerned. The difficulty in communication comes from an inclination to compete or from wearing a game face rather than revealing your true self. But maybe it’s time to look deeper at the real root of an argument for the truth. Perhaps a sarcasm was misconstrued as a personal attack or sharp language drove up your defenses. Consider whether you’re actually confronting an enemy, a paper tiger, or just your own negative thinking.


  • A need for playfulness, socializing (may connect to an attraction or to spark interest)
  • Secret admiration given or received with regard to a friend, someone from “your group,” or someone who thinks the way you do
  • Secret crush–one of you reluctant to come forward
  • Appreciation of friendship, collaborative efforts, or partnership
  • Someone is watching you (could be social media, friends, colleagues)
  • Celebrating in honor of someone
  • Someone who may be unaware they hold the key to your heart (or vice versa)
  • Someone interested that you hadn’t considered (could be a friend)


  • Lust, seduction that leads to pregnancy
  • “Robbing the cradle”–temptation toward someone much younger/age difference
  • Birth, conception, fertility issues or new baby in the home have influence over desire
  • Baby announcement, baby shower
  • Desire to have a child, trying to conceive; adoption
  • Giving birth to a project or starting something new; initial stages
  • Fertile period (child/project)
  • Birth of a desire–temptation towards someone/something


  • Creating a legacy through creativity, imagination, body of work; letting creativity loose
  • Imagining your fantasy home; playfulness/socializing at luxurious hotel or historical property
  • Examining the intention in matters regarding wills, estate, or inheritance
  • One track mind (you/other)–wealth, traditional values, conservative views, history
  • All is possible–you/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, or influence
  • Staying within perceived elevated social status when dating, marrying, socializing; arranged marriage
  • Grandiose objectives (but may be fantasizing or inaction)
  • Hypnotic influence of powerful individuals
  • Focus related to government, institutions, large companies, or education
  • Mesmerized by grandeur, beauty, or history of property or estate
  • Looking at the “bones” of a structure–may be related to renovation or potential of a property
  • Looking at historical wealth–old money, inheritance, investments, assets, royalties


  • Control issues (yours/other) or sense of entitlement affects confidence
  • Confidence verging on cocky–sense of entitlement; seeking the royal treatment
  • Domineering or aggressive behavior; authoritarian
  • Taking control due to excessive demands; one partner taking on most of responsibility for relationship
  • Self-control–a need for self-appreciation and love
  • Confidence placed in those in charge; recognition of who’s in control
  • Confidence from having greater authority
  • Confidence to take control of a matter or situation; leadership; riding high, success


  • Secrets surrounding finances, financial dealings, family business, or someone involved in finance
  • Secret bank account; hidden wealth; secret payments; payments “under the table”
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding concerning finances
  • Stirring up the past–secrets related to finances are affecting the relationship
  • A need for something to come to light regarding finances
  • Secrets related to work affair with coworker, colleague, client, superior; relationship that begins in a work setting
  • Secretly working on building wealth; workaholic; work/career take priority over relationship
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Financial secrets (i.e. key to making money)


  • Running away from second chances or an opportunity for positive reorientation
  • Renaissance that comes through taking off on a journey (possibly to Europe)
  • Taking off on a trip with the express purpose of revitalizing something (relationship, appearance, situation)
  • Rebirth of matter related to taking a trip or those at a distance
  • New horizons that come as a result of making positive personal changes because of relationship or relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Freedom to spread your wings or transform; change in appearance
  • Matters take off–revitalization of relationship or relationship begins again in new form
  • Freedom allows you to come out of isolation or re-enter the dating scene; social butterfly


  • A need to keep a positive mindset about dating; faith in romance
  • Healing from or because of a romance
  • Revitalizing a romance or the renewal of a romantic invitation
  • New beginning through romance; courtship, dating
  • Romantic date, gesture, or invitation


  • Commitment level related to pets, creativity, sports, health, or children
  • High self esteem as a result of a union; power couple
  • Wedding; establishment as formal couple
  • Commitment/agreement involving Leo persons (sun, moon, rising)
  • The strength of a marriage or commitment
  • Fearlessly taking action with regard to commitment or partnership


  • Concern for vitality of a family member; expressing concerns about your vitality to family
  • Need to express what you’ve been repressing about family or to your family
  • Dealing with extended family
  • Family discussions
  • Expressing joy through family; family celebration; creating family traditions
  • Doing what you love (family business, support from family, starting a family, spending time with family)
  • Shared family values are important to relationship


  • A need for change to come up with a solution
  • Solution creates a transformation; opportunity for change
  • The key to following your dream–finding the answer; embracing a new self-identity
  • Discovering a clue; unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma that leads to powerful change
  • A solution to a challenge or difficulty is imminent
  • An opportunity or someone’s heart that was formerly closed may suddenly open for you


  • A need to think outside the box if you expect to find clarity or to understand
  • Self-awareness–something about your interaction brings important issues to light
  • A revelation brings clarity about a situation; hidden revealed through new information or revelation
  • New information allows you to gain greater clarity or truth concerning a relationship; coming to a clear understanding
  • New perspective brings light bulb moment


  • Anger due to timing–rushing or being rushed into something; a need to trust that all things happen at the time meant to occur
  • Time to get passionate about or with someone–desire, love, lust
  • Universe working to unfold timing of a situation that’s best for peak experience (may involve someone you are/were passionate about)
  • Divine time to pursue a passion; following your bliss or the need to find it
  • Perfect timing; time to act

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Image: The Fight between Tancred and Argante with Clorinda in the Background, Giovanni Antonio Guardi

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