Love Notes: Week Oct 1-8, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Mark Twain said, “Get the facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.” Somewhere enveloped in the interpretation of events lies the truth. However, it can be exceedingly difficult to discern through the haze of nostalgia and sentimental memories of good times past. The human mind has a tendency to distort history if only to serve as a protective psychological barrier for emotional survival against a harsher reality. This week, romance or a situation you’ve romanticized is the focus due to a rewind or rerun. This may arrive as a new relationship that is eerily reminiscent of a previous partnership, through the review of memories connected to an old love, or the appearance of an ex. However you view the past determines whether it’s one you’d like to recreate or depart from.


  • Unable to find a fragrance/perfume; turn off related to smell
  • Chemistry is off (physical imbalance)
  • Trying to figure out if there’s an attraction or how to create a better connection
  • Awareness of the lack of chemistry or sexual attraction
  • Making peace with no physical or sexual connection
  • Feeling “blah”; unmotivated; lack of desire or passion


  • Traveling to attain something; buying luggage; making travel plans; escapism
  • Attainment of something packed away
  • Recognition of heavy burden; relationship saddled with baggage from the past–ego, past relationships, childhood patterns; recognition of the inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship (you/other)
  • Time to stop struggling–acceptance related to old wounds, resentments; realization that relationship was based on shared history of disappointment rather than shared interests or common goals
  • Unresolved issues affect the attainment of a goal or objective
  • Success in the attainment of something brings a load of responsibilities; “ton” of recognition
  • Burden of success; success after putting in heavy work


  • Being oblivious or too self absorbed to notice “the jewel” (person, situation, object)
  • The “it” factor; radiating star quality; letting yourself shine; confidence; center of attention; being in the spotlight
  • Powerful self-expression or creativity (may be related to jewelry, artistic)
  • Radiant jewelry; perfect gem
  • Perfect partner who possesses the traits you desire; partner worth spending a lifetime with; marriage material
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction
  • May be receiving gifts, recognition, or good fortune


  • Need of appreciation for self, self-love
  • Gratitude for healing or healers–physical, spiritual, emotional; famous/recognized healer; handsome/beautiful healer; healing
  • Deterioration in beauty or value (object, person)
  • Holding tightly to something (person, relationship, material, beliefs) due to poor self esteem; fear of lack, scarcity mentality; in it for the money, appearances, or for looks; shopping therapy
  • A need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of own inner beauty; self acceptance–tattered edges and all; self-reflection
  • Recognition that you may need to love and appreciate self more rather than focus on relationship; concentration on enjoying life (in spite of health or other challenges); a need to put self first
  • May be neglecting health/and or appearance; looking better after a period of ill health
  • Obsession with perfectionism in self; cosmetic surgery


  • Inability to revive relationship–one of you more focused on spiritual growth
  • Spiritual lessons are the only purpose of a particular relationship
  • Til death do you part; with you in spirit
  • Spiritual renewal, reawakening, resurrection
  • Change in belief system; moving on from old beliefs; moving on from those who do not share your beliefs or core values
  • Resurrecting a relationship with a spiritual person or someone with whom you share a strong spiritual connection–something you thought dead has new life
  • Relationship brings spiritual evolution
  • Faith (or lack of) in the renewal of a relationship
  • Answered prayers related to reviving or moving on from relationship (whichever is your desire)


  • Interference from third party; love triangle
  • Third party outside of relationship feels more like a kindred spirit
  • Of like mind concerning open relationships or dating more than one person (yes/no);
  • Partnership–three people in the relationship (social, business); friendships or celebration–party of three–a need for playfulness, socializing
  • Recognition as the leader of “your tribe”; center of attention; recognition for crowning achievement
  • Social influencer; multiple suitors vying for attention; one person being catered to by multiple parties
  • Collaborative efforts between three persons (one may be mediator or liaison)


  • Money to pay for an experience or something you desire; expensive habit
  • Shared financial goals; influencing others concerning wealth
  • Career and work takes priority over relationship; workaholic; family business
  • Enchanted by someone with money; finances are affecting your relationship
  • Attracting money or something you desire; attracted to money
  • Financing–bringing ideas to life
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry; work affair with colleague, client, coworker, superior; relationship (romantic, social, business) established in a work setting


  • Run-away imagination creates a false illusion; short-sighted; lack of vision; fantasy/inaction
  • All-consuming focus on letting go of false illusions; laser vision to see clearly; comfortable with self and others
  • Trying to see what can’t be seen; private viewing
  • Unwilling to take a closer look; blinding inability to see self
  • Trying to visualize the possibilities–starting something; pushing boundaries creatively
  • Playfulness that may result in lack of concern for appearance or decorum


  • Criticism, fear of change or commitment, or extreme competition related to a dream; negative comparisons; red flags; drama or thoughtlessness
  • Unwilling to compromise your dream (positive/negative)
  • Having to pay a high price financially or emotionally (relationship, goal, desire); trading favors (sex, money, power)
  • Dreams in flux; unsettled conditions concerning aspirations; being unrealistic; unreliability
  • Recording your dreams; dream guidance; astral travel
  • Documents, papers, receipts, tickets, records, scores that tie to your dreams; changes to papers or documents; lottery ticket
  • Outbidding the competition for something you’ve dreamed of; power plays; ticket for dream trip/holiday


  • Confidence about the future is an issue–need for self appreciation, love
  • Confidence in the future or the way forward; skilled forecaster
  • Confident about travel plans, directions, or getting on the road; road trip
  • Riding high in relation to the future; success down the road
  • Relationship is in the distant future; recognition of planning a future together as a couple
  • Recognition of long-range plans; looking ahead


  • Dealings with powerful individuals, institutions, companies, government; traditional values; conservatism
  • A rich history or legacy; royal bloodline; blue blood
  • Splendor of large or historic property; recognized institution or site; reveling at grandeur of estate; beautiful interior
  • Luxuriating/pampering yourself–posh hotel, spa
  • Staying within social circle of status when dating, socializing, marrying; arranged marriages
  • History of being pampered or privileged; history of the rich; you/partner may come from family with great deal of wealth, power, influence
  • Old money; historical wealth–investments, assets, royalties, inheritance, legacies; upgrade in lifestyle because of inheritance, marriage, merger, or ancestry
  • Renovations that bring property to standards of former glory; following historical ordinances


  • Issues of sexual frigidity, impotence, or lack of libido
  • Concerns related to race; awareness of being an outsider
  • Relationship conflicts characterized by cold wars, silence, or aloofness; lack of emotional warmth or depth in personal connection; rejecting guidance (positive/negative)(you/other)
  • Exploring the psyche–repressed emotion; loneliness; cooling off of relationship
  • Guidance concerning healing a cold or cold temperatures; advice regarding refrigerator or freezer (food within or food storage)
  • Guidance regarding something that’s on hold or frozen (emotions, relationship, funds, plans, paperwork, etc); outside guidance
  • Spirit guides prompt intuition about why you were rejected or left out in the cold; intuition tells you to reject something/someone

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Image: The Love Message, Max Volkhart

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