Full Moon in Aquarius

August 22, 2021 | 5:01 am (PST) | Keyword: Controlling

The full moon brings climax or closure to matters and marks the end of an emotionally tumultuous event that drives your ability to make change.  This influence can signify the conclusion of one creative cycle in order to focus on bringing a wealth of new ideas to life. You’re now encouraged to devote energy toward what truly excites you as opposed to pursuits that were solely for profit. Alternatively, you might have dealt with transitions within the family–separation from loved ones, death, or children growing up and going off to school. Perhaps the focus has been a career that manifests through deep concern regarding the problems of others and a call to restore order and stability or warn the public of impending chaos. However, there can be the tendency to place oneself in unsettling situations and create turmoil due to restrictions. While you want to declare your independence and assert your own individuality, you feel conflicted by your devotion to those closest. A sympathetic and understanding nature triggered by unexpected waves of emotion can stimulate you to help. At the same time, you can be very opinionated and/or sometimes give unwanted advice.

During this time, your most important relationship(s) will take on greater significance resulting in a strong influence over decisions, moods, and actions. For some, this is a nurturing interaction where one of you plays the role of caretaker for an individual in need of help, security, or support. In fact, all relationships, including long established connections, will experience this dynamic to some degree. This can also extend to business relationships where knowledge, expertise, status, power, or control allows you to take on the responsibility of mentoring or helping others to advance. The likelihood exists of an imbalance in the giving and receiving, especially if one of you has the capacity to give more than the other. But this moon sits in the anaretic degree suggesting some sort of day-to-day drama provoked by imbalances of either too much or too little emotion. It can be that too much or too little of normal household items are a source of ongoing tension. Where there is confrontation, generally those with women are likely to be more intense than those with men and you can expect an Aquarius person (sun, moon, or rising) to play a vital role in events.

It is noteworthy that the philosopher Plato once said, “This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.” Relationships become problematic when the lack of synergy subjugates one of you to a dependency role that highlights differences and emphasizes stronger versus weaker. While it may very well be that one of you needs the support of a partner who’s more stable (whatever that means) and in a better position for the responsibility of making decisions and handling difficulties, this type of relationship can instigate either rebellion, power struggles, or fear, especially if beliefs about gender and roles, trust issues, jealousy, or possessiveness are part of the equation. This points to an internal battle that leads to difficulties in dealings with others. Either of you can be easily manipulated or unduly influenced by past experiences or relationships making it difficult to objectively find solutions to conflict.

Current circumstances can portend the end of a humanitarian cycle–you’re motivated by self improvement and may choose to isolate yourself from those who do not share your vision as unexpected events cause you to sever old ties to form new ones. There’s strong appreciation for intellect and a search for truth and this may denote a free thinking and independent individual with a need to break from convention and who refuses to follow the sheep mentality of orthodox thought. As a result, current friendships and relationships with in-laws could come to an end. Additionally, this isn’t a particularly good time for travel and you could be dealing with excessive tax burdens, the end of probate or inheritance issues, or a heavy financial responsibility caused by a death. On the other hand, this cycle can indicate recovery from illness with a focus on health in general.

Positively, there’s the possibility for romantic involvement with someone new, although this is fully dependent on whether feelings are reciprocated. The moon is supportive and is partial to love, marriage, friendship, and good will. However, beware of a magnetic pull toward partnering that can cause you to make emotionally-based decisions that aren’t rational or against your better judgment. If you’re already in a relationship, it too has potential for more emotional depth and intimacy. However, if the relationship has been under strain for some time, you’ll find the influence of this cycle taking its toll on your connection. You’ll need to question any compulsion to remain in non-productive relationships that offer you little, if anything.

The keyword during this cycle is controlling. This can suggest being under the control of others, a controlling nature, or taking control of self or a situation that is likely to involve some form of support (emotionally, physically, or financially). It’s mission control–Houston, do we have a problem?

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