Love Notes: Weekend Aug 20-22, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re getting a helping hand from spirit guides, your own intuition, or advice from others concerning a reboot of a past relationship related to unfinished business in this life or one from eons ago. Opening to the instruction of your inner voice to create positive personal change informs you as to how to make things better this time around for yourself and/or for each other. Lessons that brought you together were likely to involve forgiveness, healing, patience, and cooperation. A self-check in may surprise when you realize that certain inexplicable emotions or desires you’d given up on are now reawakened by the hopes of a second chance at revitalizing a connection, a relationship, or your outlook and appearance. It’s all good when you get past the glitches that kept you isolated or off the market. It’s time to re-emerge, spread your wings, and allow new conditions to take flight.


  • Confidential matters out in the open; exposure (positive/negative); revealing a confidence
  • Outed; coming out of the closet
  • Blackmail to maintain privacy; stalker (you/other)
  • Lack of privacy; account hacked; breaches; someone prying into your personal affairs
  • Revealing too much works against you; lack of discretion
  • Confident in putting it all out there; bringing matters out into the open; nothing to hide
  • Overnight success or recognition after being unknown


  • Return shipments, packages; lost luggage
  • Inability to leave; taking off without someone or something
  • Starting a journey without packing; taking off–running away; traveling light
  • Getting rid of the unwanted; freedom; feeling light (physically, emotionally)
  • New horizons–releasing old relationship patterns and chronic bad habits


  • Instincts regarding risk–dancing with the devil; awareness of shadow or manipulative behavior (you/other)
  • Intuition regarding fears or illusions (yours/theirs)
  • Intuition reveals message through encounter; stalking because of hidden aspects of self or situation; aware of being watched
  • A need to acknowledge fears–trusting intuition about whether relationship feels right or should move forward


  • A need for grounding regarding the past
  • Spiritual awakening related to nature/humanity OR situations concerning the past
  • Recognition of Spirit in the everyday allows for new growth
  • Release from past conditioning opens new relationships or growth in current relationship; coming full circle
  • Realization of sacredness–in this world, but not of it
  • Release from an ex; conclusions to old situations


  • Taking a closer look at memories of the past; trying to see the past clearly
  • Fantasizing about someone from the past
  • Inaction–living through memories; one track mind due to nostalgia for the past
  • Focusing on the good times; memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship; honoring memories
  • Playfulness–creating memories together
  • Creativity influenced by memories or the past
  • Start of something based on sentimentality
  • Old loves may reappear


  • Open to planning a future together as a couple OR feeling blocked to do so
  • Listening to intuition about running after illusions
  • Relationship is in the distant future
  • Receptive to taking a road trip
  • Instincts about what’s waiting down the road; long road ahead
  • New direction–opportunity related to long-range plans; looking ahead


  • One of you is more focused on spiritual growth rather than relationship–time to stop struggling and accept what is; relationship’s only purpose is a spiritual lesson
  • Spiritual attainment; relationship brings spiritual evolution
  • Deep spiritual connection where core values align
  • Recognition of faith, belief, spirituality; something excites your spirit or connects you to Spirit
  • Faith in the attainment of something; belief in success; answered prayers


  • Stuck in leaded consciousness regarding assets, home, property
  • Trying to manifest a happy home situation or domestic bliss
  • Personal power directed toward domestic conditions or property
  • Choice between two properties; determining safe investment versus risk concerning property or real estate; deciding to sell or keep home; testing real estate market; second/vacation home
  • Focusing will on home, property, or real estate
  • May be purchasing a home, new property, redecorating, repairing, renovating, setting up house, moving, or moving in together


  • Time out because of love triangle
  • Wanting to be the main focus or center or attention–need for self love
  • Inner/outer healing due to third party interference
  • One person catered to by multiple parties (you/other); multiple suitors vying for attention (you/other)
  • Getting a third opinion (may be health related); recognized as a healer
  • Three people in relationship (romantic/platonic/business); party of three


  • Falling down a rabbit hole after argument, discord, or disagreement (you/other)
  • Conflict caused by pushing boundaries
  • Need to wake up–under attack
  • New perceptions about winning at all costs
  • Timing or knowledge (that might have been hidden or in the dark) plays role in argument
  • Negative thinking; difficulty in communicating
  • Change because of sarcasm, instigating change with sharp tongue, wit
  • New horizons due to or after discord


  • Need to take action toward desire
  • Desire; physical attraction; intense sexual chemistry; sexual encounter
  • Strong, magnetic attraction that ties to hopes and dreams; results surpass expectations
  • Unexpected gift (perfume, something desired, a passion, etc)
  • Unexpected gift or opportunity


  • Moving on from the old because of secrets
  • Secretly trying to revive a relationship or situation
  • Secrets cause change; secretly changing something (you/other)
  • Something thought dead has new life
  • Someone is keeping secrets (you/other); element of relationship is secretive, clandestine, or hidden
  • Being discreet is important due to circumstances; wearing a mask
  • Masking true feelings; inability to read emotions

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