1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio

August 15, 2021 | 8:19 am (PST) | Keyword: Reciprocity

The moon brings emotional intensity through stressful or crisis-oriented situations that quickly push you to forge ahead and break new ground in order to leave past conditions behind. With the moon in Scorpio, you’ll feel a greater need for power and control that could manifest as an obsession to maintain the upper hand or hold dominance over others. In the extreme, the approach to relationship can best be described as ruthless, especially when survival instincts kick in. The response is to strike first before risking any possibility of getting hurt. This can play out as covert manipulation when supreme loyalty to you is threatened. There’s an all-or-nothing outlook in which you’re willing to do whatever is necessary to meet the objective–including self-destruct. But there’s also regeneration through profound psychological changes that offer the possibility for repair, improvement, and healing of the physical or emotional body, relationships, or circumstances. The most important lessons of this cycle include the power of self-mastery. They are likely to include a person with strong Scorpio influence (sun, moon, or rising) in the natal chart.

During this time, you’ll feel compelled to communicate with others in spite of the fact that what you say is not necessarily based on fact, but rather past subjective experiences or habits. You’ll notice that more depth or heaviness seeps into even casual conversations or encounters. And while the intent may or may not be to mislead, at times you’re compelled to operate on autopilot as gut-level emotions take over rational thought. In fact, you might say things that should remain private without fully realizing that complete honesty could have ramifications. You might even feel conflicted or receive mixed messages from others.

In some instances, you’ve had to make adjustments because of change or upheaval that carries far-reaching effects related to the affairs of children or a love relationship. These situations may involve separation or severing of ties due to financial difficulties, power struggles, possessiveness, or jealousy. Unpredictable monetary setbacks, tax hikes, or unexpected bills can be upsetting and unsettling. Perhaps you’re still grieving the loss of a friend or relative or the response to feeling overwhelmed may be resorting to isolation or anti-social behavior.

However, there’s also a chance to establish meaningful communication if you can integrate feelings and thoughts. It’s possible that you’ll travel with a romantic partner, for recreation, or for academic reasons. These short journeys or changes of environment appeal as the means to satisfy curiosity and the desire for mental growth. Favorable changes can occur in your profession as a direct result of past efforts to overcome obstacles through hard work, perseverance, and self-discipline. This influence is supportive for a writer, psychologist, artist, or counselor or any task that requires unity between the conscious and unconscious mind. Perhaps you’re actively working to improve communication or in a profession concerned with organizing, collecting, or even guarding sensitive information. You may enjoy teaching, writing, or public speaking and making an impression can be of significance in receiving public notice in your field of expertise or within the community. On a mundane level, this suggests national secrets, spies, and matters of security that are of public concern.

Shifts in circumstances provide closure in long-standing conditions and relationships while opening the door to new experiences. These transitions are driven by thoughtful research and decisions made with careful consideration. For some, hidden gains or long-overdue money can arrive through the resources of others such as insurance, health benefits, or an inheritance. If you’re thinking of purchasing a home, much consideration will be given to the choice of neighborhood.

The keyword during this cycle is reciprocity placing the focus squarely on win-win scenarios through both giving and receiving. Nevertheless, an innate desire for personal freedom conflicts with the trials and hardships you must endure, and while conflict may necessitate confrontation, there’s a tendency to be too aggressive or argumentative. Unfortunately, there is also sadness and loss to reconcile as you struggle with the inevitabilities of life. However, you must continue to trust that there is an order and a purpose for any sorrow and that this will eventually pass. No matter how hard the road may be, protection comes before the journey’s end.

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