Love Notes: Weekend Aug 13-15, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Either you’ve gained wisdom because of a broken heart, are giving advice concerning heartbreak, or have awareness of someone’s deep disappointment. While there’s so much focus on what’s been lost through betrayal, separation, or pain, there’s also a significant opportunity for inner peace as you open to your highest self to receive truth, knowledge, and/or spiritual guidance. Despite dashed hopes and all that’s gone wrong, there’s a strong theme of optimism for this week. It’s your faith in positive outcomes, a meaning to the madness, and silver linings that energetically attracts what you most desire. The hardest part is that you must believe it to receive it.


  • Meeting with or concerning children; children are impacting the relationship
  • A need to encourage positive mindset and to remember the childlike exuberance of life and/or love and romance
  • Renewal of contact with children or someone from your childhood
  • Dating someone younger
  • Revitalization–feeling more youthful; healing
  • New beginning; starting something new; renewal of hope
  • Positive change–playful interactions with others


  • More focused on spiritual growth rather than material or relationship
  • Relationship’s purpose is to serve spiritual lesson; appreciation for the lessons involved
  • Clutching onto–belief that you should hold on to something because of its value
  • Gratification through spiritual values; appreciation for beliefs, faith, spirituality
  • Appreciation for the finer things in life; belief related to worth or worthiness; abundance
  • Spiritual jewelry–malas, crystals, rosary, etc.
  • Offering/using spiritual gifts; giving/receiving payment for spiritual services
  • Paying respects
  • Connection to Spirit–enjoying life; contentment
  • Deep spiritual connection to someone where core values align
  • Answered prayers–faith attracts abundance


  • End of struggle–need to seek peace or harmony concerning the past; past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Old friends; may be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Things falling into place related to matters from the past
  • Decision made about something from a long time ago
  • Relationship with someone from a past life due to unfinished business
  • Continuation of love story from a previous incarnation


  • Trust issues related to infidelity or third party interference
  • Recognizing vulnerability due to outside party
  • Risk related to menage-a-trois
  • Support from others; party of three; feeling protected
  • Belief in self–being the center of attention; catered to by multiple parties; multiple suitors vying for attention
  • Trusting emotions–there are three people in this relationship; love triangle
  • Feelings for someone outside of primary relationship (you/partner)
  • Belief in self–crowning achievement; receiving recognition


  • Leaving in secret; secretly preparing to leave; secret escape; escapism
  • Secret destination or travel plans
  • Saddled with secrets; stirring up the past–emotional baggage related to past relationships, ego, childhood patterns
  • Something you’re not seeing–unresolved issues that affect the way you engage with others
  • Something you’re hiding–not letting go of old wounds or resentments
  • A need for something to come to light–inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship; seeking to partner because of shared disappointments rather than common goals and interests


  • Need to be frugal–consciousness of cost of invitations or wedding announcement; gentle reminder to be careful with spending
  • Possibilities–positive news regarding an opportunity; good news concerning finances or career
  • Writing opportunity; letter of recommendation
  • Opportunity to communicate; you’ll soon send/receive a love message
  • Lucky message; message concerning luck
  • Taking a risk to reach out
  • Written invitations, text, email, phone call
  • Spare or choice words
  • Love letter, card, sentiment
  • Luck or possibilities related to hearing from someone/making contact


  • Sexual boldness–putting it out there; sexual or financial risk
  • Death notice; sex tape; release of financial records
  • Release from the past or a debt; ending or transformation that results in completely different circumstances
  • Inevitability–death, taxes
  • Issues surrounding debt, taxes, inheritance, large sums of money, power
  • Psychological concerns or messages; taboo topics
  • Addressing manipulation, underhanded tactics
  • Happiness, enjoyment, laughter involving sexuality or finances
  • Dealing with Scorpio persons (sun, moon, or rising)


  • A need to take the initiative in friendship or attraction to a friend
  • Time to act–may need to be more of a friend to a partner during this time
  • Consideration of diving in headfirst–taking things slowly by growing a friendship before getting romantically involved
  • Start of something–friendship has potential to turn into romance
  • Good timing–may meet a partner through a friend; new acquaintance


  • Need to seek direction regarding how far to go (figurative, physically); going the distance with partner in difficult situation
  • Intuition regarding whether someone is blowing hot air
  • Deep thinking about long distance relationship; taking a trip/vacation with a partner; going on holiday
  • Instincts about how to rise above it all; awareness of a change in the wind (positive/negative)
  • Open to inner voice about making the first move; whirlwind relationship
  • Guidance from above; spirit guides; exploring the psyche


  • Gathering to honor the dead; visiting a grave; death of a friend or friendship; spirits, ghosts
  • Inability to connect with your “group”; lack of cooperation; relationship going nowhere; no apparent solution
  • Closing the door on collaborations, partnerships, group efforts–round and round about same issues without resolution; repetitive behavior
  • Progress blocked; false starts; relationship may progress only to suddenly end at closed door (your choice/theirs); no-win situations
  • Not socializing; quarantine; closed door celebration or ceremony
  • Confusion about where relationship is heading–are we of like mind? friends/lovers?
  • Celebrating closing the door on something/someone


  • Running after an illusion about gaining access
  • Listening to your intuition about closing the door on something or keeping matters private
  • Private reception
  • Receptive to keeping things quiet–need for discretion
  • Open to the opportunity of spending time alone or time alone with a partner
  • New direction taking place behind the scenes
  • Open to private negotiations or back door channels
  • Trusting intuition or luck concerning an encounter with someone who is difficult to know, access, or is very private


  • Running away from a reconciliation
  • Starting a journey–taking off after a meeting, trip to reconcile; taking off together; taking off for a reunion
  • Working out issues or terms (possibly to gain freedom); relationship counseling or therapy
  • Passionate reconciliation (desire or anger); reconnecting with someone you previously separated from; making peace with partner to reconcile past hurts
  • Make up after a break up
  • New horizons–falling in love again

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