New Moon in Leo

August 8, 2021 | 6:49 am (PST) | Keyword: Knowledge

The moon in Leo heralds a new beginning in some way with regard to children, romance, pleasure, creativity, financial risk-taking, or a self-made business. Beyond that, emotional security is found in the strong desire to be the center of attention and at the heart of situations–to be noticed, recognized, and above all, to be loved and adored. In fact, this cycle can emphasize an excessive need for validation, especially through the external manifestation of worldly success. Accordingly, you may seek to align with or acquire what you deem to be the tangible representation of the social position you aspire to.

You’re strongly aware of your personal charm and how best to leverage it for advantage to claim your objective. That means attaching yourself to the best available (whatever that may be) that’s meritorious of applause and approval. There’s also the tendency for impulsive attachments in the pursuit of love. During this month-long cycle, situations will tend toward the dramatic either through your own actions or those of others. A pronounced link between thought, speech, and feeling that fluctuates between extremes of logic and emotion fuels the fire.

Contrarily, the new moon also carries an influence of confidentiality, although a light may be shone on matters that were previously hidden. This can have possible connections to law enforcement or investigative matters that instigate a greater desire for privacy. Perhaps being reclusive is the response to personal suffering or an environment where you’re not fully accepted or understood. You may be confronted with obstacles or limitations you must address or may be hiding the full extent of painful emotional wounds you’ve suffered. This is likely to involve broken relationship ties or revisiting issues related to belief systems, race, religion, boundaries, or gaining freedom from restrictive conditions, or moving on from problematic financial situations connected to children. In some cases, concerns may have been caused by the loss of a job and the ensuing tension surrounding the financial upkeep of home and family.

Certain other circumstances can warrant the restraint of emotions, especially if you’re involved in secret negotiations or a clandestine affair that requires discretion. You and/or your partner may have specific reasons for not wanting to make the association public or known to others. If you’re working on a creative project behind the scenes, you may just need extra time and solitude in order to pursue these interests and this is a favorable period for starting new projects due to peak work performance and a focus on long range goals. You may wish to contact influential individuals who can help further your objectives.

Charitable institutions, in general, could be a focus of the public news at this time. Personally, a sensitivity to those in need may compel you to spend time caring for others or cause contact with sick persons, hospitals, or institutions. You may choose to withhold the outward expression of emotions as a compassionate protective measure in response to someone’s illness. This new moon is tied to a star that inspires one to help, protect, and nurture people or ideas. This may be through the role of parent, a care-giving profession, or by offering strength and support. However, if the recipient of your time and energy is not interested in also practicing some self-help, you could end up merely playing the role of martyr. Whatever the scenario, to some degree, emotional secrets and issues of trust are involved. A Leo person (sun, moon, or rising) is likely to be an integral player in the unfolding of events.

This new moon is also tied to the Part of Fortune, which in ancient astrology, is a primary indicator of the physical body and health, as well as career and vocation. Situations may correlate with a wish for longevity or immortality or unique opportunities tied to spirituality, mysticism, or fantasy. The keyword for this period is knowledge. This may indicate secrets coming to light, psychological awareness, a medical diagnosis and treatment, or dealings with educational institutions or government systems. You’re encouraged to trust your own conclusions as the Universe gifts you with critical understanding that supports a sense of purpose.

Fortunately, we’re now separating from an energy that required harder work at managing circumstances to achieve success or positive results. Challenges or difficulties that formerly held you back can now be resolved with greater ease. This cycle signifies power, gain, and respect when you stand in the courage of your conviction even as you face confrontation. This is an excellent period for negotiations, travel, and for scheduling important meetings. As a result of this influence, you’re likely to receive positive answers concerning gain or profit when making investments and taking on the role of leader, authority, or superior. Use this strength wisely for what is noble and avoid petty disputes or aggression.

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