Love Notes: Weekend Aug 6-8, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re currently flirting with an idea, prospect, or person. This may involve packing up and heading off for a dream destination, changes in travel arrangements, or moving away from the past and heavy circumstances that were weighing you down. For some, you could receive dream downloads that assist you in releasing emotional baggage tied to old relationship patterns. This can help you to look at where you’ve been carrying an unnecessary burden due to unrealistic aspirations. As situations shift, more will be revealed that lightens your outlook to inject a sense of playfulness and optimism about life and love. Sending the signal that you’re ready to extend yourself in welcoming new alliances will bring new opportunities.


  • Knowledge, truth, or wisdom related to healing
  • Awareness that you need to heal; a need to focus on loving self before attempting relationship
  • Information or advice from healers, medical professionals; need for spiritual guidance
  • Knowing how or of the need to repair or improve self/situation
  • Opening to higher self for healing; self-reflection; self-discovery of own inner beauty and acceptance of flaws; seeking inner peace
  • Obsession with perfectionism in self
  • Awareness that you may be neglecting health and/or appearance
  • Need to put self first; healing


  • And just like magic things change for the better; rebirth in noticing everyday magic
  • Taking a closer look at revitalizing or renewing something
  • Positive change behind the scenes
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship; relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Reviewing a relationship that reawakens feelings or desires you thought were dead; second chances; finding the magic again
  • Pulling back the curtain to present or promote something you’ve been working on (self, project)
  • Deciding whether you want to come out of isolation or socialize
  • Re-entering the dating scene; social butterfly
  • Luck in regeneration of self, circumstance, relationship; rebranding
  • Changing your appearance; chameleon


  • Discernment regarding family, a family member, or family matters
  • Putting on a game face for family; not showing true self to family
  • Decision regarding family and wearing masks
  • Seeking a deeper truth concerning family; need to look beneath the surface for the truth
  • Shared family values are important to relationship–discernment about whether you agree
  • Decisions involving family traditions or family celebration
  • Determining whether you wish to start a family
  • Figuring out how to deal with extended family


  • End of struggling in private; end of struggle in situation where access is denied
  • Closing off in attempt to seek peace and harmony; private world
  • Satisfied to keep things private; decision concerning privacy; need for discretion
  • Connection to someone difficult to know, gain access to, or is very private
  • You and partner may need to spend time alone together
  • Things falling into place behind the scenes; private decisions/negotiations; decisions made behind closed doors


  • Gaining clarity about something you were told or something you need to say
  • Clarity about making positive changes in expression (communication, creativity)
  • Gaining greater clarity or truth concerning relationship; something about interactions brings important issues to light
  • Expressing yourself clearly; coming to a clear understanding
  • Light bulb moment about doing something that you love; creative expression
  • Lighting up–expressing joy
  • Clarity concerning vitality
  • A need to release self-repression; hidden is revealed


  • Illusions about renewal of something or a new beginning–need to encourage positivity
  • New beginning that focuses on appearances or revitalization; cosmetic procedures; healing scars
  • Excessive preoccupation with “appearing” happy, successful, financially stable, attractive, etc. either as a couple or in order to attract partner or position
  • Superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • Operating under an illusion–some aspect of self, relationship, or partner is illusory and not exactly as it appears on the surface
  • Projections; behavior reflected back
  • Renewal after dealing with illusions OR refusal to see the truth
  • Need to take a closer look at issues of healing


  • Financial history; background in finance
  • Historical legacy; historical property; legacy of wealth
  • Investment in large property; large estate with land; numerous properties
  • Reaping the fruits of your past efforts
  • Money tied to connection to nature
  • Gratitude for abundance; abundant gratitude
  • You/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, money, or influence
  • Old money, old guard; historical wealth–inheritance, investments, assets, royalties
  • Conservative, traditional, or political ties to wealth; traditional values concerning money; conservative spending
  • Staying within perceived elevated social status or circle when dating/marrying/socializing
  • Money that comes from arranged marriage
  • Dealings with powerful individuals; government funding or finances; fundraising


  • Luck in recognizing pretense or person pretending to have your best interest at heart
  • Luck through cheating; false luck; false friend, opportunist, player, impostor, con (you/other)
  • Person behind a falsity (liar, gossip) (you/other); someone very different from attractive presentation
  • Not showing true feelings (positive/negative); presenting false face in relationship; keeping hopes and dreams to yourself
  • Anonymous donor; unexpected gift or opportunity
  • Hidden agenda, secret or ulterior motive that impacts good fortune; not showing your hand or revealing a win–results surpass expectations
  • Luck through wearing a mask


  • Reaching a dead end in love or opening your heart to love; closed off to giving/receiving love; need to bring more love into your life
  • Practicing self love
  • Lack of generosity; progress blocked in love; no-win situations; no apparent solution
  • Going over the same issues concerning love again and again without resolution; repetitive behavior concerning love or in relationship
  • Relationship progresses only to suddenly end at a closed door; false start in love
  • Confusion about where relationship is headed
  • Lover lives on a dead-end street


  • Recognition that it’s not the right time OR oblivious to the timing
  • Not your time to shine; this is not about you
  • Timing is off in a relationship; trying to force a relationship before one of you is really ready
  • Too self absorbed to make time
  • Rushing into commitments without giving proper consideration
  • Delays, sense of urgency that may affect self-expression, creativity, or confidence
  • Feeling as if time is running out; taking too long to make decision or commitment


  • Aimlessness or need for orientation on how to create more fortunate circumstances
  • Motivation or drive–luck in moving forward or moving on
  • Too dependent on luck; focusing on luck
  • Luck in getting direction; a fortuitous stroke of luck that helps you advance
  • Luck through creating and following a plan
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise (may be while traveling or on the path to something)
  • Lucky opportunity that brings about meeting with person of interest
  • Wish fulfilled


  • Need to tread lightly concerning beliefs; taking a risk–boldly putting your beliefs out there
  • Dealing with religious fanatics or spiritual junkies
  • Happiness, laughter, enjoyment through faith, beliefs, or spirituality
  • Deep spiritual connection where core values align
  • Greater focus on spiritual growth rather than relationship
  • Relationship brings spiritual evolution or only serves to bring spiritual lesson
  • Faith that your prayers will be answered; happiness because of answered prayers

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Image: Flirt (La Broderie), Mihaly Minkacsy

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