3rd Quarter Moon in Taurus

July 31, 2021 | 6:15 am (PST) | Keyword: Misleading

The moon moves into its quarter phase in the sign of Taurus and it may feel as if events are unfolding at the pace of slow syrup. Nevertheless, it is at a critical degree indicating a sense of urgency. During this cycle, your emotional needs shift in favor of obtaining material security and circumstances can prod you into diligently working with determined effort to bring form into fruition. There’s a tendency to strive for a goal or the unconditional pursuit of your own conviction. Additionally, the important women in your life may tend to be nervous, ambitious, intellectual, or reformists in some way. Although the earthy characteristic of Taurus encourages you to enjoy, indulge, and delight in the comfort of the material senses, any extremism in habits can push the boundaries of moderation or create dependencies surrounding the resources of others. The call is for self-control and to examine the correlation between monetary value and your own self-worth. A Taurus person (sun, moon, or rising) might have a strong influence over circumstances.

As always per the nature of the moon, the current influence provokes change and you can expect a surprise or sudden news to arrive. However, your temper may be aroused when either you strongly resent any shift in the status quo or because you seek to provoke it. With the moon sitting next to Uranus, there’s a restlessness that tends toward exaggeration, including the pursuit of absolute independence and the desire to separate from others.

There are also important changes on the horizon with regard to your career, public persona, parental role, or level of authority. This moon will drive the need to receive recognition for your efforts and achievements which can suggest greater involvement in working with the public and using the persona to influence others. This may mean a career overhaul, change in profession, or rise to a position of authority which brings personal acknowledgment or acclaim. Your reputation plays a significant role as to how you’re recognized and perceived by the public for better or worse. As a result, others will come to know more about you personally including some private details.

On a lesser scale, this may simply suggest important changes that impact job duties and responsibilities that bring improvement or financial increase. If self-employed, you may be more thorough or serious about business matters. You may be inspired to update your professional wardrobe or make practical purchases of equipment, technology, or tools. This is an excellent period to ask for favors and assistance in favor of career development, creating professional opportunities, upward mobility, and advancement, especially if you’re involved in public relations, marketing, or sales because suggestive thought power is enhanced. Blossoming energy in art, beauty, and creativity encourages you to pursue creative projects and innovation. Some may receive gains through health-related matters such as an insurance refund or news that a medical expense is covered. This can be a very positive cycle that augers abundance and success in wealth, prosperity, and career.

However, any unbridled appetite in pursuit of the material can bring harmful consequences. Perhaps a strong difference of opinion or an important decision involving a Scorpio person (sun, moon, rising) concerning the past, an ending, parent, home, family, or real estate affects the opportunity for success and a need for compromise. (This might occur right at the kick-off of this cycle on or around the 31st of July.) You may have to contend with problematic conditions surrounding children and money or a sacrifice of valuable time and/or money may be called for. Change can also negatively affect stability and job security due to shifts in position, unsettling employer conditions, or sudden illness. Other transitions may include a cut in pay, hours, or benefits, or the severing of ties. Delays or obstacles can temporarily block child support, social security, health benefits, insurance payments, or spousal support. Upsetting and unexpected expenditures are cues that advise against extravagant purchases or impulsive spending in social situations. On the other hand, it may be the disturbing financial situations of relatives or friends that concern you.

The keyword for this period is misleading warning you to be particularly mindful of protecting what you have acquired through hard work and application. There are those who are ready and willing to mislead and exploit you for personal gain. A laid-back approach to managing your craft, labor, or personal affairs can result in being victimized through deceit and treachery resulting in sudden damage to credit, reputation, or professional and social standing. This would be a good time to assess any vulnerabilities that correspond to a lack of security, poor habits or practices, or negative associations. The key is to avoid situations where you lack full understanding or comprehension in matters. Do not place yourself in circumstances that put you at the mercy of others where your well-being on any level is concerned.

Most of the changes you’ll experience during this period are a direct result of decisions you’ve made giving you some measure of control over situations. In the positive, you’ll receive blessings, good fortune, and support from others.

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