Love Note: Weekend Jul 30-Aug 1, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There’s something or someone you’re beginning to fall in love with that brings a greater sense of abundance to your life materially, emotionally, or spiritually. If you haven’t made the connection just yet, you soon will. This may be a creative interest you’re developing that has the potential to turn a profit or a collaboration with a new potential partner in an exciting endeavor. Perhaps you’re reaping a spiritual reward in discovering a deep appreciation for the benefits of nature in all of its beautiful glory. For some, this will manifest through a love affair as a burgeoning romance unfolds to sweep you off your feet in the early stages of a relationship. Whatever your situation, a sense of gratitude creates the shift that finally allows you to reap the rewards of past efforts. You’ll find that these blessings come easily when you express your feelings, hopes, and dreams and then allow others to step up to the plate to assist. Friendships, social exchanges, and quality interactions are the catalysts for connections that dreams are made of or connecting the dots to your dreams.


  • Possible travel–excursion to view homes or property; travel to visit family
  • May be setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together
  • Living/travel in vehicle (camper, airstream, rv, etc.); family car; housing a vehicle
  • Getting a ride or driving home
  • Open door to visitors; open house; open for viewing (property)
  • Relaxing or entertaining at home; family celebration
  • Happy home situation; domestic bliss
  • Celebration concerning property matters
  • Good news regarding purchase of a home, property, real estate


  • Some truth become glaringly obvious as time goes on
  • Appreciation for perspective (yours/other)
  • Perspective regarding the value of someone/something
  • Preference for seeing only the more positive aspects of person/situation; clutching tightly to someone/something
  • Need for change in perspective about relationship
  • Taking a closer look at luxury goods, jewelry, or attractiveness of someone; eye on abundance
  • Trying to figure out if something is “real” (may be jewelry or expensive item)
  • Determining areas of contentment and whether you’re enjoying life
  • View on either holding on or letting go something of value


  • Intuition provides sudden inspiration or insight
  • Intuition about taking off (you/person/project) figuratively/literally
  • Intuition reveals message about an encounter; unexpected visitor or news
  • A need to avoid impulsiveness–trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward


  • Secret flirtation
  • Flirting with whether to reveal a secret; stirring up the past–secret revelation
  • Someone is keeping secrets–something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding
  • Element of this relationship is clandestine, secretive, or hidden–need for something to come to light
  • Inability to read emotions
  • Discretion is important due to circumstances


  • Finding it hard to revive something–difficulty moving on
  • Don’t remember making certain changes
  • Relinquishing attempts to change relationship with family; difficulty reconnecting with family
  • Can’t “get over it”; relationship may reawaken feelings and desires you thought were dead
  • Uncertainty of second chances
  • Past influences–building on memories of the past to make positive personal change
  • Reveling in memories of the past when you felt attractive, lighthearted, or free; trying to remember the past in a positive light
  • Making positive transformation in a new direction and away from the past or family influence
  • Changing your appearance from the way you looked before
  • Coming out of isolation or trying to get someone else to
  • Relationship may start again in new form; consideration of re-entering the dating scene (yes/no)
  • New day, new dawn; not doing things the “old way”


  • Imagining outside interference or third party; mistrust regarding infidelity
  • Fantasies involving love triangle, menage-a-trois; playfulness
  • Seeing through the intentions of third party
  • Fantasizing about someone outside of primary relationship (but not acting on it)
  • Multiple suitors vying for attention (you/other); one person catered to by multiple parties
  • Thinking that you’re the center of attention; being scrutinized
  • Being put in charge or given power; using your power to create possibilities
  • Three people in relationship (platonic/romantic/business); party of three (social)
  • Start of something involving total and complete focus directed toward gaining recognition; crowning achievement through creative efforts


  • Focusing will to address history of codependency or addiction; dealing with institutions–hospitals, rehab
  • Stuck in leaded consciousness concerning traditional values, conservatism, power, politics, or wealth
  • Harnessing personal power to manifest objectives through institutions, government, systems, or influential individuals; rubbing shoulders with powerful individuals
  • A focus on large or historical properties; hotels, large corporations, universities
  • Having to choose between safe/traditional or risk/passion; staying within perceived elevated social status when dating/marrying/socializing
  • Alchemy in manifestation–creating a legacy or wealth, making history; fairy-tale dreams
  • You/partner may come from family with a great deal of power, influence, and wealth
  • Old money, old guard; historical wealth–investments, assets, royalties, inheritance


  • In charge of making decisions for the group; trying to gain control over the group
  • Control issues; domineering or aggressive behavior; authoritarian
  • Either working through collaborative efforts/partnership or vying for power within the group
  • One of you takes on most of responsibility within or for the relationship
  • Seeking the royal treatment; sense of entitlement (you/other)
  • Excessive demands you/others/partnership
  • Need to lighten up–need for playfulness or socializing
  • Taking control or being in charge of celebration


  • A need to get out of your shell or into the community to create opportunity
  • Open door invitation; opportunity to socialize; opportunity opens up
  • Opportunity will present for beneficial changes provided that you open the door or take the initiative
  • Opportunity involving budding romance or new friend
  • Dual opportunities


  • Patience in dealing with children, youth, immaturity, or inexperience–time to build the foundation
  • Impulsiveness may lead to pregnancy; waiting to find out about pregnancy; fertile period (children, creativity)
  • Patience in trying to conceive or adopt; issues related to fertility, reproductive organs, birth, conception
  • Deciding to wait to have children
  • Waiting to make an announcement–pregnancy, birth, gender reveal, baby shower
  • Patiently waiting for or to give birth–child, project, endeavor–something worth waiting for
  • Waiting to start something new–almost there
  • Taking your time–initial stages


  • New information about being alone and/or why (you/other); self-awareness
  • Revelation that comes when you’re in solitude
  • New perspective about being alone (positive/negative)
  • A need to think outside of the box to create alone time or time alone with a partner
  • Self awareness–spending time in retreat, confinement, hospital
  • New information concerning house or location near the sea; oceanfront property
  • A greater need for solitude rather than engaging with others; private world


  • Surprise engagement to be married; proposal
  • Surprise gift of ring or jewelry; surprised by the size of the stone; promise ring
  • Unexpected news concerning an agreement, contract, legal union, or social engagement
  • Commitment, obligation, or undertaking related to the past
  • Contract or agreement connected to jewelry
  • Shocked to hear news of engagement
  • Shocked at an offer
  • Surprise party; reconnecting at a social function
  • A need to open to new possibilities concerning agreements, contracts, or social engagements
  • Social encounter related to blast from the past

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Image: The Crown of Love, Sir John Everett Millais

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