Love Notes: Weekend Mar 12-14, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may be going over receipts, documents, letters, or ledgers with a fine-tooth comb looking for the dirt, answers, or contemplating how a message will be received. Someone may be manipulating the facts and figures or resorting to shadow behavior to distort the truth. Any overly competitive need to win, hold fast to perceived wrongs, or find the discrepancies may be rooted more in illusion, fear, or insecurity. Perhaps your relationships have cost you dearly in some way–financially, emotionally, or otherwise. But when you stop keeping score, you actually win by allowing yourself to heal from the past to prevent recreating it. Once you move on from the criticism, resentment, or nit-picking, the real work of healing can begin and defenses are only a barrier to the best outcome.

Is this your year for love? Proclaim it.


  • Not getting what you want (person/thing); unrealized expectations
  • Realizing someone/something you felt passion for is not “the one”; misjudgement–what appeared to be the perfect partner is someone less than ideal
  • Relationship based on passion/lust–not marriage material
  • Anger prompted by lack of recognition or good fortune; unable to attract; lack of magnetism
  • Rushing into something that didn’t bring benefit
  • Vanity; Casanova; Machiavellian
  • Unrealistic projection onto a partner
  • Lack of passion for jewelry; didn’t return the jewelry
  • Can’t find what stokes your passion–need to find your bliss


  • Need to be frugal–love/courting is costly
  • Opportunity for new love (person/interest); possibilities
  • Luck in matters of the heart
  • New love is in the works or on the way; new relationship on the immediate horizon
  • Taking a risk related to love
  • Beginning stages of relationship based on an opportunity
  • Opportunity for meeting a potential partner


  • Thinking of getting married; imagining what a wedding would look like; fantasy wedding
  • Wondering if someone is married; not sure of commitment level; thinking about what a partner is up to
  • The start of something–may lead to commitment or marriage; starting married life
  • Partner with mental health challenges or addiction
  • Creative partnership; “married” to your creative projects; letting creativity loose
  • Working on the marriage–need to sort out fiction from reality; seeing through a partner’s intentions
  • Playfulness with a partner
  • Totally focused on getting married/committed–one-track mind
  • Pretending to be married; pretending to want to get married


  • Discernment about love letter or invitation–examining the intention; seeking deeper truth
  • Anonymous love note; secret letter
  • Caution in writing a love letter
  • Message about wearing a mask
  • Reading between the lines; need to look underneath the surface for the truth
  • Wearing a game face but putting all of your emotions in a letter
  • Receiving a love letter and not responding with any emotion–hiding your true self
  • Trying to figure out whether you’ll soon send/receive a love message; insight about hearing from someone or making contact
  • Written invitation, letter, text, email, phone call
  • Love letter, card, sentiment


  • False nostalgia–reveling in the past; difficulty moving on
  • Remembering someone who appeared more attractive than they really were (possible player, con, impostor)
  • Masking how your feel about the past or family
  • False friend to the family
  • Concerns about wearing a mask around family
  • History of deceit; memories of being lied to or others pretending to have your best interest at heart
  • Not showing family how you feel–presenting false face in relationship; lying to or about family
  • Family members who may be liars, opportunists, gossips
  • Secret/hidden agenda or ulterior motives of family members


  • Too self-absorbed to have child; oblivious to the baby
  • Recognition of the birth of a child; birthday celebration
  • Glow of pregnancy; pride in baby; baby is center of attention
  • Baby announcement; baby shower
  • Matters involving birth, conception, fertility, or adoption
  • Excited to start something new; initial stages
  • Starting to speak up; radiating confidence in self-expression
  • Birth of a project; creativity; fertile period
  • Suddenly in the spotlight; letting yourself shine


  • Change or end to privacy
  • Closing the shutters–an ending
  • Facing the truth about something that was private
  • Closed off; dead–nothing happening–waiting in vain
  • Waiting for private time with a partner
  • Encounter with individual who’s extremely private, difficult to know or access
  • Changes taking place behind closed doors; need for discretion


  • Decision concerning a sexual encounter or physical attraction
  • Decision concerning intense sexual chemistry, attraction, passion (or not)
  • Decision based on chemistry
  • Choice of perfume; intoxicated by desire; scent (of a lover)
  • Figuring out your desires


  • Taking off with a friend; trip, vacation, holiday with a partner; friends around the world
  • Long distance relationship; whirlwind relationship
  • May need to go the distance in a difficult situation with partner/friend (or vice versa)
  • Making the first move to create harmony
  • Getting high with a friend
  • Whatever–any way the wind blows
  • Change in the wind unsettles the harmony–need to seek peace
  • Making peace with something–the end of struggling
  • Something takes off–things falling into place


  • Meeting with someone from your past; reconnecting with someone you previously separated from
  • Relationship counseling or therapy
  • Need for action to make peace with a partner to reconcile past hurts
  • Hopes and dreams of reconciling
  • Working out issues or terms–results surpass expectations
  • Lucky reunion; make up after break up; falling in love again
  • Unexpected gift/opportunity through or for reconciliation


  • Not trusting your instincts concerning money or the future
  • Failure to listen to warnings or red flags that your intuition delivers
  • Good fortune that’s so positive it feels too good to be true
  • Not listening to your gut about a situation that IS too good to be true
  • Need for clarity–may seek tarot reader; no idea what a card means
  • Not heeding a prediction
  • A sense that something is wrong about a partner or relationship–need for clarity
  • Not listening to intuition about how to manifest with thoughts


  • Relying on faith in spite of difficulty or illness; need to encourage positive mindset
  • Need for rediscovery of own inner beauty, including tattered edges; self-reflection
  • Doing the work–may need to love and appreciate self more before focusing on relationship
  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance; healing
  • New beginning–starting over from ground zero or with nothing
  • Spiritual transformation through health or poverty issues
  • Revitalization after financial difficulty; healing after illness
  • Renewal through putting self first; taking better care of self; refreshing your image/look
  • New beginning after a challenging situation; turning your back on lack; positive transformation

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Image: Woman Reading, Anton Katzer

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