New Moon in Pisces

March 13, 2021 | 2:20 am (PST) | Keyword: Falling

With the moon in Pisces your emotional needs are served through the ability to dream, create, and explore the realms of imagination. You hate to see others in pain and as your humanitarian instincts are stimulated, a compassionate nature can be a healing and beneficial influence that allows you to reach your true potential. Although it may take some time, old, hidden and confusing issues can now be brought out into the open for resolution. Strong emotional power supports your intentions and endows you with the strength to mold your life in the manner you choose as you place more faith and trust in the Universe.

There’s also the desire for emotional security through accruing money and possessions and this may be the impetus for a new beginning in some area of your life. In addition to personal stability, the goal may be to put resources to use in service or assistance to others. Fluctuating conditions can be a source of frustration as the financial picture suddenly changes causing you to face periods of economic insecurity. This might be instigated by a struggle against personal restrictions or limitations caused by chaotic conditions surrounding home, property, or the past. The lack of clarity or realism may cause you to vacillate between being careless or frugal with money.

Sensitive to criticism or rejection and highly impressionable, coping skills for dealing with practical matters can be a challenge. However, the current influence will gift you with good concentration to focus your imagination on ideas that are sound and practical. You may decide to retreat, withdraw, or meditate and this is a good cycle to develop your artistic, spiritual, and creative gifts. Heightened intuition helps you bring dreams into reality and it’s possible that you’ll receive beneficial help, assistance, or hidden gains from behind the scenes or through an authoritative figure who’s been quietly watching in admiration.

Positively, a deep well of inner riches fueled by imagination and creativity pushes you to adapt thereby attracting gain or more than you might lose. Your advancement in building a secure material structure comes through making sound decisions as you establish and take responsibility for a concrete value system that you can rely on.

However, note that the keyword is falling. The danger is sacrificing your higher self as you become a slave to your desires. By wasting energy and power in the pursuit of so called pleasure, you may very well miss the opportunity for real happiness gained through the understanding of true love.

You’re currently on a journey toward a dream and are being guided as you navigate the challenges and obstacles set before you to achieve this goal. You may attain the harvest for your desires if you willingly accept the guidance that is available for the asking. The joy of building community may support realization and fulfillment of your objective.

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