Love Notes: Weekend Mar 5-7, 2021

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: How committed are you? A situation is calling on you to have trust in a marriage or partnership. Perhaps you’re confident in this union and relying on the faith you’ve placed in one another to achieve mutual goals. Your relationship could receive recognition as you formalize an alliance, prepare upcoming wedding plans, celebrate newly married status, or for being a successful power couple. If single, this might suggest confidence in heading down the aisle soon.

On the other hand, you could either be scrutinizing a partner or your relationship is under a microscope because of ongoing trust issues. You might be questioning love or the possibility for marriage. If this is so, you’re being asked to trust that everything is as it should be and encouraged to offer more love to self. What you seek is seeking you and the higher your vibration the greater the chance it will arrive as a positive experience.

Seeing things through rose-colored glasses?


  • Fear or illusions related to memories (trips, foreigners, or people at a distance); fear of reliving the past
  • Stalking someone you shared pleasant experiences with or vice versa; afraid that an old love may reappear
  • Manipulating or distorting memories
  • Hidden aspects of self or situation related to a memorable destination or someone far away
  • Fears related to taking a trip overseas (possibly cruise)–risk factor; shadow behavior directed at/from foreigners
  • Thinking about an old vehicle (may have fondness)
  • Illusions based on nostalgia for the past or sentimentality


  • Illusions concerning aspirations; being unrealistic; delusion
  • Unsettled by what you see or refusal to see the truth
  • Need to take a closer look–some aspect of self, situation, or partner is illusory and not exactly as it appears on the surface
  • Pursuit of an ideal–excessive preoccupation with appearances–to “appear” happy, attractive, financially successful, etc. either as a couple or to attract a partner; superficial relationship concerned predominantly with looks
  • Projections; behavior reflected back; trick mirror; two-way mirror
  • Confusion about what you want or how you feel
  • Lifting the veil to the other side–messages that come through dreams; lucid dreaming; astral travel; dream guidance


  • Alone with your children; leaving your children alone
  • Contemplating starting something new; creativity in solitude
  • Announcement that you wish to be alone–rest and withdrawal
  • Children seeking sanctuary–protection
  • Children are impacting the relationship (solitude or lack of it)
  • Re-energizing because of joy or exuberance; playfulness; feeling young
  • Rest after play; refreshed after a good night’s sleep
  • Alone due to childishness (you/other)
  • Inner listening to inner child; thinking about your childhood
  • Re-energizing connection to someone from childhood; mulling over dating someone younger


  • Keeping quiet, keeping a lid on it; not talking or expressing what needs to be said; silenced
  • Something about to bubble up to the surface, matters brewing; uncomfortable changes
  • Creativity under wraps; working on ideas, projects, or creations not yet presented; transformation of expression; release of a project
  • Somebody needs to put a cork in it; little room to talk
  • Unable to express joy or do what you love
  • Need to release something you’ve been repressing
  • Relationship never fully develops; trying to change partner into the ideal
  • Feeling free after being trapped; looking for escape route; outgrowing a relationship/circumstance
  • You/partner may need greater freedom; confining situation hindering you from making the most of your best self
  • Can’t hold back your joy; positive transformation


  • Power over death or inevitability; in memoriam; legacy
  • Power struggles or power plays; psychological empowerment; mind games; profound and unsettling changes
  • Sexual empowerment; veiled sexuality; sexual beard
  • Financial power; inheritance; control over or covering a debt
  • Leadership in time of crisis; need to take charge of stressful situation
  • Ending or transformation that leads to completely different circumstances; new beginning that comes through ending
  • Improvement through surgery; rehabilitation or recovery
  • Ties to a Scorpio (sun, moon, rising sign)
  • Power to make change–harnessing your personal will; release
  • Transformation–manifesting plans and dreams


  • The history of magic; noticing everyday magic
  • Taking a closer look at property, institutions, values, politics
  • Power behind the throne
  • Opening the curtains (literally/figuratively)
  • Pantomime of emotion; exaggeration; dramatic entertainment; going through the motions
  • Pulling the curtains back on tradition, conservatism, or the old guard
  • Revealing something about powerful individuals or institutions
  • Scrutinizing–arranged marriages or staying within perceived elevated social status when dating/marrying
  • Looking at issues related to legacies, wills, inheritance, governance
  • Historical or large properties; old money; historical wealth–investments, assets, royalties


  • Romance in the future; possibilities for romance; romanticizing the future; romantic invitation; courtship, dating
  • Looking at where the relationship is headed–need for clarity regarding romance
  • Manifesting romance with your thoughts
  • Love with or because of money; escort; paid dating site
  • Romance is in the cards; romance with a card reader; love reading; love forecast
  • Expensive date, dinner, or romantic gesture
  • Good fortune related to romance; wealthy love interest


  • In love with a car; a car for someone you love; love while traveling
  • Romantic trip; going for a ride with romantic partner
  • Having fun in a new relationship; romance in the honeymoon phase
  • Being taken for a ride in a romantic situation; up and down romance; “circus” surrounding romance
  • Exciting relationship; thrill-seeking in romance; not a serious relationship–need to open to love; friends with benefits
  • Trying to amuse a romantic interest; a focus on amusement, entertainment, fun
  • A romance with taking risk; risky romance
  • Exhilaration-sheer excitement through the company of someone
  • Taking a relationship to the next level–mutual fun ride that may/may not develop into anything deeper


  • Can’t book hotel or find a room
  • Can’t go on romantic getaway; didn’t have a honeymoon
  • Old room (when you were a kid or related to ancestors)
  • Not getting any sleep; empty bed
  • Mourning; someone/something passing (possibly in sleep)
  • Ancestors or spirit messengers visit your room
  • Sexual encounter used as a means of power; sexual favors as manipulation
  • Withholding intimacy as a means of punishment; lack of or fear of intimacy
  • Need to get out of the room; checkout


  • Broken heart about trying to create a breakthrough OR a breakthrough concerning a situation that left you with a broken heart
  • Disappointed because of loss, hurt, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship
  • Taking off because of a broken heart–need to avoid impulsiveness; disappointed that something didn’t take off; hurt because someone left
  • Unexpected visitor or news (good/bad) related to a broken heart
  • Knight in shining armor to save the day OR chivalry is dead
  • Insight into the cause of a broken heart; inspiration that comes from pain


  • Appreciation for starting fresh; gratification through something new; initial stages
  • Admiration of baby; beautiful baby; enjoying life–new baby in the home
  • Trying to stay or get back in shape after birth of a child
  • Piece of jewelry or gift that honors baby/new mother
  • Holding on to the idea of having a child; helicopter parent
  • New forms of abundance; focus on abundance for children
  • Thank you notes–baby shower, invitation, announcement
  • Appreciation for what it takes to have a child
  • Reaping fruit of efforts–fertility (child/project); birth, conception, adoption


  • Strength to go the distance with a partner in a difficult situation
  • Someone at a distance needs help; warning about getting high
  • Romantic trip, vacation, holiday
  • The strength to maintain distance or keeping your distance to maintain power
  • Need for balance or grounding, whichever way the wind blows; change in the wind; lack of direction
  • Ties to Leo (sun, moon, or rising sign)
  • Romance or creativity suddenly takes off
  • Long distance relationship, whirlwind romance
  • Powerful self esteem or just blowing hot air
  • Making the first move–fearlessly taking action

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Image: Detail: The Wedding Party, Carl Herpfer

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