3rd Qtr Moon in Sagittarius

March 5, 2021 | 5:30 pm (PST) | Keyword: Restraint

Third quarter moons bring opportunity for readjustment and reorientation as the cycle is closing in preparation for a new one. This week-long influence usually causes some sense of inner conflict between your desires versus emotional needs.

With the moon in the sign of Sagittarius, you may be overly optimistic with your emotional security largely invested in your belief system. This may require a shift in perspective if perceptions are clouded (and it’s likely that they are) by any personal bias or false judgment about what can be delivered by you or others. Wisdom is gleaned during this cycle by allowing yourself to hear what others offer as you seek the greatest truth.

While you may vacillate between ambitious independence and the need for nurturance, you easily blend heart and mind to express your feelings and thoughts when making decisions–unless you feel it will create conflict. This may be particularly important with regard to the past, family conditioning, and concerns that center on home, property, resources, the domestic space, and environment.

Difficulties can arise through close relatives, neighbors, foreigners, or individuals at a distance. Emotional reactions may be a response to past events and experiences, especially in situations where you feel vulnerable or powerless. These insecurities play out as an overpowering need to be loved and accepted that cause you to act in ways that are contrary to your true feelings as you feel forced to submit to outside attempts to mold you. If this is the case, you must develop the courage to voice your convictions.

The current transition may feel either exciting or unsettling as you attempt to create a secure family environment. Perhaps you’ve made the decision to change your residence, renovate your home, or rearrange a living situation. This flux of movement externally is a reflection of a deep inner transformation that encourages you to build a firmer foundation.

However, the keyword during this cycle is restraint. To that end, reign in your passions, anger, impulses, or rampant pursuit of fulfillment. Be sure that you’re capable of fulfilling contractual obligations before you sign on the dotted line or make verbal agreements as there’s a tendency to make promises that can’t be kept. Additionally, there may be hidden elements, fraud, or deceit attached to financial matters. Use caution in the care of pets to avoid problematic situations that can turn into legal entanglements.

Alternately, you may feel a profound connection to land or develop a strong interest in real estate. If you’ve been looking for something, the time is auspicious for finding it should you apply yourself. Sudden windfalls, changes in plans, and a favorable turn of events can bring unexpected opportunities. This upward trend could allow for expansion.

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