Love Notes: Weekend July 17-19, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You’re aware of your own wounding and/or that of others. Positively, you’re using the wisdom you’ve gained to recover from a disappointing experience where there was loss, separation, or betrayal. Opening to your higher self has allowed you inner peace through the access of knowledge or truth concerning the chemistry you share with someone and whether the attraction is magnetic enough to keep you connected. But if you’re still grappling with the sadness, grief, or rejection, it’s time to use your direct line to call for spiritual guidance.

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  • Clarity about change; transformation
  • Waiting in vain for clarity; clarity about why you had to wait
  • Facing a truth or gaining greater clarity about a relationship
  • Light-bulb moment
  • Bringing light to important issues through your interactions
  • Hidden revealed
  • Clarity regarding an ending


  • Patience when dealing with family
  • Waiting to travel with family–almost there; waiting for family to visit
  • Family is impacting your relationship
  • Family celebration; creating family traditions
  • Dealing with extended family; family at a distance
  • Building the foundation for family relationships; shared family values are important
  • Desire to start a family–worth waiting for


  • Fortunate journey of empowerment
  • Harnessing personal power to create luck or fortunate circumstances; fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Manifesting plans/dreams–wish fulfilled
  • Need to take charge to create luck
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise; serendipitous events
  • Leadership leads to lucky opportunity in meeting with someone of interest


  • Making light of complicated situations
  • Retreating from difficulty; time out
  • Complications that require hospitalization, rehab, treatment
  • Complications caused by letting loose, getting out of hand, or overindulgence
  • Inability to relax or find down time; difficulty socializing
  • Complexities that interfere with the ease of relationship–third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.
  • Not seriously addressing difficulties
  • Trying to smooth over a misunderstanding–playfulness, humor
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation


  • Spiritual revelations
  • Faith in what you’ve discovered; discovery of faith; looking at beliefs
  • New perspective changes your belief; need to think outside the box
  • Realization of more focus on spiritual growth than relationship
  • Spiritual awakening–self-awareness
  • Spiritual evolution through relationship; relationship may only serve to bring spiritual lesson
  • Healing; spiritual healer
  • Spiritual connection where core values align
  • Revelation that your prayers have been answered


  • Moving on from or moving forward with “marrying down”
  • Partnership with someone from a vastly different background
  • Aimlessness, need for reorientation; lost
  • A focus on being different–breaking the mold
  • Motivation/drive to rebel against the system; liberalism; progressives
  • Creating or following a plan that is unexpected; sidestepping original plan


  • Memories of an adventure; creating memories together
  • New perceptions of the past; change
  • Getting lost in the memories–falling down a rabbit hole
  • Memories of pleasant shared experiences influence relationship
  • Moving on from the memories–new horizons
  • Pushing the boundaries by riding on good memories
  • Need to wake up and remember
  • Sentimentality, nostalgia for the past
  • Old loves may reappear


  • Taking a closer look at control issues
  • Looking behind the curtain for what’s causing domineering or aggressive behavior
  • Examining whether one partner is taking on most of the responsibility in the relationship
  • Taking a look at excessive demands, sense of entitlement, or expectation of the royal treatment
  • Deciding whether to take control or release yourself from control
  • Looking at self-control; controlling where you direct attention


  • Using intuition concerning a third party; love triangles
  • Exploring the psyche–third party interference; more than one person trying to tell you what to do
  • One person being catered to by multiple parties
  • Party of three
  • Guidance given or received concerning various suitors vying for attention
  • Intuition about being the center of attention


  • Balancing your emotions concerning children, starting something new, or dealing with someone from childhood
  • Children are impacting the relationship; feelings about children; your child has changed
  • Remembering childlike exuberance of romance; playful interaction
  • Outer/inner alignment–addressing the inner child
  • Masquerading as youth
  • Brand new mask
  • Successful juggling something new or something you’re new at; work/life harmony
  • Changing your tune


  • Sheer excitement and pleasure through the company of another in relationship that may/may not develop into anything
  • Discernment about a “friends with benefits” relationship; seeking a deeper truth about whether this is a serious relationship
  • Masking your excitement; game face
  • Wearing a mask in the car; taking a closer look at vehicle–need to look under the hood
  • Making decisions concerning transportation
  • Discernment regarding the risk of thrill-seeking
  • Hiding your true self and whether you’re having fun; not revealing how you entertain yourself
  • Taking a look at amusement, fun, entertainment


  • Surprised or shocked by someone from your past
  • Unexpected news regarding something from a long time ago
  • Blast from the past; past conditioning affects your relationship
  • Unexpected encounter; relationship from a past life due to unfinished business
  • Agreement to continue the love through this incarnation
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Move on from the past and open to new possibilities

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Image: After the Ball, 1874, Alfred Stevens

Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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