Love Notes: Weekend June 12-14, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: What’s blocking a situation, a friendship, or obstructing movement beyond the friendship zone? Well, you can’t walk forward and backward at the same time. You’ll have to release your ex, the past, or a history that perpetually prevents you from taking full advantage of your luck. On the other hand, it could mean being there for a partner or doing things differently by taking it slow to get it right this time in a relationship that holds potential–just not too slowly.

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  • Karmic changes; changes in karmic relationship
  • Change brought about through providence or divine intervention
  • Karmic situation that brings transformation or ending
  • Karma–facing truth
  • Karma brings you together–you’re with each other to learn karmic lesson, pay karmic debt, or evolve spiritually
  • Waiting in vain to connect to soul mate
  • Karmic relationship that has lasted through many incarnations


  • Total focus on the money; workaholic; career/work take priority over relationship
  • Shared financial goals; family business
  • Seeing clearly through financial intentions; finances affect relationship
  • Paying for x-rays, glasses; hidden charges or fees
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • Work affair with superior, colleague or client
  • Inaction regarding financial situation–fantasizing
  • Financing projects or endeavors that are fun or entertaining
  • Creative ways to make money; resourcefulness, using imagination
  • Making money by letting creativity loose; start of something that might pay off; possibilities to make money
  • Focus on fun rather than finances; not taking money issues seriously
  • Relaxing your concerns regarding money


  • Revelation concerning property
  • Trying to create happy home situation
  • House hunting; need to think outside the box regarding purchase of property, repairs, or domestic affairs
  • New perspective regarding home, family, or property
  • New information concerning purchasing a home, property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together
  • Self-awareness regarding home atmosphere or conditions


  • Medical leave; doctor visit; leaving hospital, retreat, rehab
  • Escapism; travel plans
  • Healing emotional baggage from past conditioning–childhood patterns, ego, unresolved wounds, past failures, old relationships
  • Difficulty recovering from old wounds and resentments; healing from abandonment
  • Getting help to deal with chronic negative behaviors that damage or prevent relationship
  • Time out; leaving a situation in order to practice self-love
  • Risky journey; healing trip
  • Fight or flight response


  • Broken-hearted due to shadow behavior or manipulation
  • Fears or illusions lead to a broken heart
  • Stalking behavior connected to broken heart
  • Disappointment due to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship
  • Heartache because of hidden aspects of self or a situation
  • Need to acknowledge fear of having your heart broken


  • Luck in breaking the ice or dealing with repressed emotions
  • Putting hopes and dreams on hold; rejecting your luck
  • Need to take action in relationship lacking warmth, depth, or personal connection; unexpected coldness; left out in the cold
  • Beneficial change concerning sexual issues–frigidity, impotence, lack of libido
  • Frozen eggs/sperm; averse to having children
  • Lucky chance meeting outside
  • Keeping quiet about good fortune–freezing others out
  • Outside help–unexpected gift, opportunity
  • Luck in overcoming rejection–results surpass expectations


  • Retreat from disagreements–need for time out
  • Anger management; mental disturbance
  • Getting angry when you think about it; mulling over discord
  • Taking stock of an argument–weighing options
  • Getting advice about conflict
  • You/partner not being taken seriously in argument; anger at not being taken seriously
  • Winning at all costs; under attack; thinking of next move or plan of attack
  • Inner turmoil, mind games, negative thinking
  • Misunderstandings as a result of sarcasm, sharp tongue, or difficulty in communicating


  • Exploring ego
  • Ego triggered around travel; leaving due to ego
  • Relationship hindered by arrogance, selfishness, or ego
  • Growing ego; ego issues surrounding pushing boundaries; self-righteousness or refusal to compromise
  • Someone behaving with big head and small heart
  • Ego boost due to expansion
  • Pride prevents one from taking action
  • Need to try something new–relationship needs mending


  • Time to do something nice for yourself; contentment; gratification; abundance
  • Right time to show or receive appreciation
  • Time to appreciate self image or improve it
  • Appreciation for the timing of something; perfect timing; time to act
  • Appreciate that the Universe is working to unfold a situation in a time frame best for your highest good
  • Trust the Universe–all things happening in the time meant to occur


  • Heart’s not in meeting anyone new–still healing
  • Need to keep a positive mindset in spite of lack of new love prospects
  • Not interested in renewing connection to love prospect
  • Revitalization to make love “new again”
  • Working on a new beginning–circumstances prevent love at this time
  • Focusing on emotional or spiritual revitalization rather than new love


  • Illusions about a celebration, travel, or vehicle
  • Taking a look in the mirror–need movement, to relax, or to exercise
  • Illusions about open doors
  • Celebrating looks–concerned primarily with appearances
  • Too much focus on the superficial
  • Excessive preoccupation with “appearing” financially stable, attractive, successful, etc. as a couple or to attract a partner
  • Good news concerning some aspect of self, relationship, or partner that is illusory and may not be exactly as it appears on the surface
  • Need to take a closer look–refusal to see the truth
  • Need to take a closer look at travel plans
  • Projections; behavior reflected back
  • Under no illusions


  • Boldness–a promise to put it out there; audacity of commitment; bravery and pluck in efforts
  • Need to tread lightly concerning obligation or undertaking
  • Taking a risk regarding an offer or proposal
  • Agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Laughter, enjoyment of social engagement or party
  • Happiness concerning engagement to be married; proposal

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Image: The Drinkers, 1908, Jean Beraud

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