Pisces 3rd Qtr Moon

June 12, 2020| 11:23 (PST)

The second edition of my Magick Moon book updated for 2021 will soon be available for purchase. Stay tuned also for a corresponding Vimeo video series that I’m excited to develop that will work in tandem with the book to boost your powers of manifestation. This series will deliver accurate predictions for each of the lunar phases within each moon cycle. The following is a preview of what’s to come:

General Prediction for June 12 – 19, 2020

Because of matters concerning your body, appearance, image, coping skills, or independence, a situation develops that affects your daily routine and causes you to take on greater burdens or responsibilities. This may be due to past events where ego, ambition, activity, conflict, or males had influence over blockages that impacted your sense of security. It might have affected your earning or spending capacity, possessions, values, or self esteem leaving you nervous, agitated, or ready for a fight.

The tension compels you to focus on concerns about children, lovers, or personal creative expression and whether to establish or sever a relationship. Situations may cause mood shifts or heightened sensitivity attributed to new domestic conditions or changes involving family members. There can be misunderstandings, separation, differences, or estrangement and women are likely to have difficulties through males in general.

Because of the ensuing disruption, an urge for autonomy, or unexpected events related to paperwork, siblings, transportation issues, or concerns for study, great effort may be applied yielding very little results except to further complicate matters. Irrational demands, repairs, sudden arguments, or shocking statements can provoke dissension and create complications. Other factors may be backbiting, gossip, damage to your reputation, or rumors through a close inner circle. Additionally, there may be worries over the illness of someone close.

Your response to these harsh life situations may be to take the easiest form of escapism–sleep. While you feel compelled to take action, you may lack the necessary patience to allow something to develop. The key is to permit matters to unfold on their own as they will. Much of these dilemmas stem from the inability to reconcile communication styles or differences of opinion.

But circumstances will also create easy opportunities to gain the truth, for expansion, changes in perspective, or to acquire benefit in matters that center on being alone, illness, or secretiveness and the power to make changes that affect your social standing, status, or relationship to a parent or authority figure.

Your intuition may be particularly strong endowing you with new and unusual ideas for creative and profitable endeavors. There’s an urge to alter living arrangements, pursue new interests, or address bad habits. Some of these issues could have ties to large companies, institutions, or systems (i.e. social security, the courts, agencies, etc.)

Image: Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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