Love Notes – Weekend Feb 14-16, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: A bold declaration of love can thaw a frozen heart. For others audacious statements could deep-six a relationship and plunge what should have been a happy celebration into an icy lake of chilly, unemotional response. Unfulfilled expectations, poor performance, or jealousy could be the negative catalyst for startling change. For the fortunate, taking a risk with new love or taking love in a new direction can be a warm place to come in out of the cold.


  • Fortuitous stroke of luck concerning collaborative efforts or partnership; kindred spirits
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Celebration; socializing
  • Lucky opportunity brings about meeting with person of interest
  • Luck through a friendship
  • Wishes fulfilled


  • Unexpected news may bring grief or worry; unexpected encounter
  • Unhappiness because of a loss, disappointment, or rejection with ties to the past
  • Surprised by the sadness; emotional wounding
  • Sadness due to betrayal, separation, or death
  • Surprising information that alleviates pain; encounter that cheers you up
  • Need to open to new possibilities to overcome grief


  • Opening your heart to someone with whom you share strong chemistry
  • Taking things to the next level–giving or receiving love
  • Physical attraction, sexual chemistry, desire, sexual encounter
  • Generosity because of attraction; magnetism
  • Committed to bringing more love into your life
  • The promise of love and physical attraction


  • Romantic bliss at home with a partner; happy home situations
  • Opting for time at home rather than social outing; preference for being home alone
  • Inviting someone you love or someone you recently got involved with into your home or vice versa
  • Moving relationship to next level–moving in or purchasing home together
  • Romantic home decor
  • Need to open your home to love; finding a home you love
  • Purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, or moving


  • Trying to maintain control over response to memories–possibly someone or something passing
  • Control over spirit messages
  • Authoritarian or domineering behavior
  • Excessive demands; seeking the royal treatment; sense of entitlement
  • Control issues due to ancestry or heritage
  • One partner taking on most of responsibility in relationship


  • Renewal of long-term relationship; someone you’ve known a long time
  • New beginning through relationship with someone older or more financially established; May-December romance
  • New start for older couple; anniversary
  • New beginning created through experience in forming alliances
  • Healing connected to parent or ancestry
  • Recovery from alcohol
  • Revitalization through age, wisdom, or experience
  • Need to encourage positive mindset about whether relationship will improve over time or healing will occur


  • Disagreements about when or if to have children
  • Didn’t get pregnant on the honeymoon
  • Good news concerning fertility or adoption issues
  • Possible travel related to starting something new or because of the desire for a child
  • Unwanted or difficult pregnancy; miscarriage
  • Travel because of fertility problems or pregnancy issues
  • Lack of desire to celebrate or travel to somewhere new
  • Delay in shipments
  • Inability to start something overseas, with foreigners, or connected to a cruise
  • Lack of experience driving; lack of transportation; car won’t start
  • Need for new regimen that includes either relaxation or exercise


  • Awareness of risk factor in the choice between what feels safe or what feels passionate
  • Using personal power of intuition
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right or should move forward
  • Relying on instincts to focus your will
  • Intuition reveals a message about an encounter
  • Awareness of being stuck in leaded consciousness


  • Breakthrough or insight into a situation that’s been a dead end
  • Something where you’ve been going round and round trying to get results suddenly takes off
  • Unexpected news or visitor
  • Sudden inspiration to deal with a no-win situation; breaking through where progress has been blocked
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness regarding circumstance with no apparent solution
  • Taking off–false start; relationship moves forward and then stalls
  • Understanding after confusion about where this relationship is headed
  • Insight about repetitive behavior


  • Need to seek direction concerning a difficulty (may involve children or someone from your childhood)
  • Opening to inner voice about how to solve a problem; help from spirit guides
  • Exploring the psyche and its influence
  • Complexities that interfere with the natural flow and ease of relationship (third parties, children/partners from previous relationships, office romance, extra-marital affairs, health challenges, etc.)
  • Misunderstandings over or with children
  • Difficulty finding your way through a situation


  • Desire for reconciliation with someone from your past
  • Fantasies/unexpected encounters with an ex or old lover
  • Seduced by the past; temptation toward someone or something
  • Unfinished business; dealing with thwarted desires of the past
  • Something from a long time ago
  • Love for someone with whom you’ve shared many lives; agreement to continue the love through this incarnation


  • A need to gain mastery over ego
  • Feeling empowered through leadership
  • Pride prevents one from taking action–need to take charge
  • Pride in efforts to manifest plans/dreams
  • Self-righteousness or the refusal to compromise
  • Ego triggered about trying to make something happen
  • Relationship needs mending

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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