Love Notes: Weekend Jan 24-26, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: This week’s events ask that you keep an open mind about making a fresh start with something new while letting go of expectation or outcome. A positive transformation is possible through developments that build confidence. This could be as a result of creative projects or some form of self-expression that gives you an opportunity to tap into your inner child, emphasize your talents, or showcase the better parts of self. In some cases, children, youthfulness, or people tied to your childhood are highlighted in matters.


  • Revelations concerning transportation, travel, or vehicle
  • Taking a closer look to determine whether a relationship you enjoy has potential to develop further
  • Looking behind the curtain and realizing relationship is not serious; friends with benefits
  • Noticing the magic in a connection
  • Trying to make decisions concerning entertainment, fun, amusement
  • Thrill-seeking


  • Decision about a secret; secret decision
  • Element of relationship may be clandestine, hidden or secretive
  • Keeping quiet about a decision–need for discretion due to circumstances
  • Someone is keeping secrets
  • Difficulty in decision making–inability to read emotions


  • You find new person seductively intriguing
  • Something you’re either not seeing or something you’re hiding regarding seductive encounter
  • Enchanted with a new interest
  • Drawn to secrets, hidden, or occult information
  • Attraction connected to stirring up the past
  • Need for issues surrounding seduction to come to light
  • Secretly playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Secrets related to hidden or clandestine affair, temptation
  • Sexual innuendos, heavy flirtation
  • Secret to reviving love is maintaining passion in relationship


  • Idealizing someone from the past
  • Recognition that person possesses all of the quintessential traits you admire
  • Time to stop struggling–acceptance of what is related to ideal partner (may be the one that got away)
  • Partner worth spending lifetime with; marriage material
  • Basking in the glow of success; being recognized or in the spotlight
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction
  • May be receiving gifts or good fortune related to the past


  • Issues as a result of rushing into marriage or commitment
  • Committed to following your bliss or the need to find it
  • A focus on love and passion in the marriage
  • Desire for marriage, partnership, or committed relationship
  • Marriage, weddings, formal partnership
  • Anger issues surrounding marriage or commitment


  • Balancing emotions centering on self-worth; remembering that you are enough
  • Need for healthy balance to practice self-love–obsession with perfectionism in self
  • Outer/inner alignment–need for self-dialogue and rediscovery of your own inner beauty, including tattered edges
  • Successful juggling; work/life harmony–need to put self first
  • May need to love and appreciate self before attempting to begin relationship
  • May be neglecting health and/or appearance; masking emotions
  • Self reflection; healing


  • Memories of a misunderstanding
  • Failure to contact or communicate because of past influence
  • Difficulty moving on from someone you failed to connect with
  • Reveling in the past yet failure to reach out; lack of expression
  • Not getting the message; cutting off communication; not bothering to write back
  • Missing someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Missed appointment


  • Coldness or lack of communication; cold war conflicts characterized by aloofness or detachment
  • The silent treatment as punishment
  • Discussions about sexual frigidity, impotence, or lack of libido; lack of vitality
  • Lack of emotional warmth, depth, or personal connection
  • Being left out of discussions; out in the cold
  • Need to release self-repression; repressed emotions; inability to express joy
  • Cooling off of relationship
  • Rejection; loneliness


  • Trying to sort out home situation or solution to domestic affairs
  • Dream home; vision of ideal home life; belief in ability to own home
  • Strong feelings about experiencing domestic bliss or happy home environment
  • Not sure where the house keys are
  • Trying to gain clarity regarding purchase of a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together


  • Reserved; control over whether you’re receptive to opportunity
  • Control over situations by listening to intuition
  • Control issues; domineering or aggressive behavior
  • Power to move in new direction
  • Excessive demands; sense of entitlement
  • In control–one partner taking on most of responsibility in relationship
  • False power–running after illusions; blocked luck
  • Someone seeking the royal treatment


  • Powerful emotions–passion or anger toward someone from your past; past conditioning affects relationship
  • High self esteem allows you to fearlessly take action with regard to the past
  • May be dealing with an ex or old lover from the past
  • Unfinished business; something from a long time ago
  • Relationship that has endured through many incarnations
  • Need for balance or grounding concerning the past
  • Strength of the past has bearing on the present


  • Manipulation related to engagement or commitment–shady behavior
  • Taking a risk to propose; engagement to be married
  • Hidden aspects of self or a situation in relation to agreements, contracts, or unions that are legally binding
  • Fear or illusions about making a commitment
  • Concerns that center on commitment, obligation or undertaking
  • Apprehension about social engagement, promise, or offer
  • Costume party; masked ball or gala

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