Love Notes: Weekend Jan 10-12, 2020

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: A situation revolving around trust is calling on you to have faith, especially in matters where it’s been difficult for you to get a read on the other person and their feelings, or come to terms with your own emotions. Whether there’s a need for discretion, the pursuit of information that’s been withheld, a quest for occult knowledge about mystery or magic, or the discovery that someone’s keeping secrets, events will compel you to take a closer look in search of what’s hidden.


  • Road trip; fun or dream vacation
  • Entertainment brings unexpected opportunity
  • Enjoying something more than expected–results surpass expectations
  • Gift related to amusement, transportation
  • Trip related to pursuit of hopes and dreams
  • Excited to be in someone’s company
  • Relationship that’s fun but may not develop into anything deeper
  • Not a serious relationship; friends with benefits
  • Need for action related to socializing or transportation
  • Amusement, entertainment, fun
  • Thrill-seeking


  • Not impressed or easily seduced; inappropriate or unwanted advances
  • Recognition of infidelity–jealousy
  • Too oblivious or self-absorbed to recognize overtures
  • You/partner may be secretly tempted; looking for satisfaction outside of primary relationship
  • Someone is interfering in your relationship; the “other”
  • Confidence–refusal to be mistress
  • Awareness that sexual conquest is driving the relationship
  • Risky sexual behavior; one night stand
  • Inappropriate sexual expression; discussion of sexual issues
  • Seduced by fame/spotlight OR not wanting it


  • Renewal through opening self up to love; generosity
  • Revitalizing relationship through giving/receiving love
  • Rebirth through self-love; making positive personal changes because of relationship
  • Awakening of desires you thought were dead
  • Realization that you need to bring more love into your life
  • Relationship undergoing positive transformation
  • Second chances; relationship may start again in new form
  • Changing your appearance
  • Coming out of isolation; social butterfly
  • Re-entering dating scene


  • Subliminal messaging regarding an opportunity
  • Revelation from hidden sources regarding an opportunity
  • Opportunity to unlock a mystery or enigma; opening the door to spirit message
  • Opportunity to gain self-awareness; awareness of your influence over opportunity
  • Opportunity presents that allows you to create beneficial changes provided that you take the initiative
  • Need for contemplation or inner listening concerning an opportunity
  • Messenger of opportunity; opportunity to get the message


  • Spiritual awakening through long-term relationship; sacredness of connection
  • Couples retreat; established hotel; winery
  • Relationship with someone much older and possibly well-established financially; May-December romance
  • Anniversary, retirement
  • Older couple; parental concerns
  • Ancestry, heritage
  • Someone you’ve known for a long time; relationship improves over time
  • Retirement community, nursing home, hospice, hospital, care for the elderly; alcohol rehabilitation
  • Age, experience and wisdom are important factors
  • Need for grounding in long term relationship or due to age, experience–not on sure footing
  • Experience assists in making alliances


  • Taken aback by a karmic connection
  • Unexpected news that is karmic in nature or connects to karmic relationship
  • Karma in the house–blast from the past; connection that has lasted through many incarnations
  • Unexpected encounter–providence plays a role; divine intervention
  • Need to open to new possibilities–relationship offers karmic lesson, opportunity to pay karmic debt, or to evolve spiritually through experience orchestrated by the Universe
  • Surprise related to karmic relationship or soul mate situation


  • The time is right to resurrect a partnership
  • Time to make some changes; moving on from the old
  • A need to trust that all things happen in the time they are meant to occur; Universe working on your behalf to unfold a situation in time frame that offers maximum experience
  • Divine timing brings renewal of relationship; something thought dead has new life
  • Time to act; perfect timing


  • Appreciation for/from children or someone from your childhood
  • Youthful appearance
  • Children are impacting the relationship
  • Buying something new; gift for a child
  • May need to remember childlike exuberance of romance and joyous interaction; playful banter
  • Dating someone younger
  • Something new


  • Mulling things over concerning sending a message or one you’ve received; inner listening regarding a message
  • Journaling, writing in solitude; message about being alone
  • Receiving/sending a message when you’re alone
  • Message about the need for rest and withdrawal; seeking sanctuary
  • Withdrawing from communication
  • Re-energizing–you will soon send/receive a love message
  • Written invitation, letter, text message, email, phone call
  • Love letter, card, sentiment, wedding announcement
  • Hearing from someone; making contact


  • Thinking about packing your bags, leaving, or traveling
  • Taking control of or being controlled by emotional baggage
  • Getting advice or taking stock due to unresolved issues that affect the way you engage
  • Weighing options related to moving or travel; planning a trip
  • Escapism; need for a time out
  • Lost baggage; baggage claim
  • Baggage related to childhood patterns, ego, past relationships
  • Not letting go of old wounds and resentments–feeling like you’re not being taken seriously
  • Inability to get past chronic behaviors that damage or prevent relationship
  • Partnering based on disappointment rather than common goals or interests


  • Spiritual or religious vows
  • Promise ring; engagement ring
  • Belief in promise, commitment, duty, or obligation
  • Successful juggling of social engagements; work/life harmony or need for such
  • Spiritual alignment of inner and outer–emotional balance
  • Proposal, engagement to be married
  • Promise, offer; faith in a promise
  • Committed to a belief; beliefs about marriage, commitment
  • Agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Obligation or undertaking (may be spiritual in nature)
  • Social activities; party


  • Caution regarding the road, a trip, or the future
  • Be careful of what you wish for–attracting what you desire
  • Influencing others concerning risk
  • Illusions about the future–need to take steps–long road ahead
  • Care with regard to planning a future together as a couple
  • Looking ahead at the pitfalls; long-range plans
  • Cautionary measures in order to bring ideas to life
  • Warning of planning too far ahead or getting ahead of yourself–enchantment with the future
  • Heading problems off at the pass
  • Concerns regarding relationship in the distant future

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

Image: Pandora, 1882, Jules Joseph Lefebvre

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