This is Just a Phase! The Secret Code to Every Moon

We’re experiencing a bit of tumultuous planetary weather right now and January will prove to be rather challenging. I know–enough already, right?

One of my biggest projects of 2019 was to write my book Magick Moon: A Make it Happen! 2020 Manifestation Guide because I’ve experienced first-hand the power of intention and wanted to share it with others. But I’m just as excited about my subsequent 12-book follow-up series, This is Just a Phase! The Secret Code to Every Moon. This Kindle series goes deeper into predictive territory–I’m not afraid! Knowledge is power and forewarned is forearmed.

Each book is time-sensitive and pertains to the current month. I’ll delve into each moon (including new, full, and quarters) using both classical astrology combined with tarot for a way of predicting that is completely my own. While written in general terms, I’m so sure you’ll find these predictions both personal and relevant to your current circumstances that I’m offering the first book practically free! And that’s not just good marketing–I want as many people as possible to know the magnificence of the Universe. Obviously, it’s easier to recognize predictive work after the fact, but I’d love for you to download a copy from Amazon and give a review.

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