Love Lessons|December 2019

What are the lessons of love in December? Find out the meaning of the exchanges taking place in your relationships and current circumstances and what the soul growth message is behind these developments.


Themes: protector, wonder in the night, big brother, friendship

Elephants have incredible memories. The capacity to retain and recollect enables them to remember both friends and enemies and the location of resources for survival. The owl is a symbol of wisdom and the ability to see what others cannot. Perhaps it’s time to remember what loyalty means, especially with regard to those who have traveled together with you in the veil of night while lighting the way with hope. Time has taught you the difference between a passing attraction destined for burn-out and love eternal. The constancy of commitment suggests the endurance to protect those closest. Even through the darkest of journeys, you may provide or receive the comfort, safety, and security of reliable strength.


Themes: new beginnings, luck, optimism

You’re preparing for the good fortune that is currently headed your way. Luck is the outcome of focusing on your inner self to recognize your role in manifesting. That means exploring what is authentically aligned with your desires in order to create a life and love that feels right for you. You can put away the worries and regrets of the past and give yourself permission to enjoy a new beginning. Fresh possibilities and the seeds of potential rest squarely within your capacity to envision. It’s a new day, a new dawn, and you’re feeling good.


Themes: believe in yourself, solutions, creativity

Two halves make for a whole, but not so in relationships. Healthy alliances are formed in the knowledge that we’re each responsible for our own happiness as an expression of the completeness of self. Partners cannot fill a void. You’re being asked to develop your own voice or accept the self-hood of a companion. The challenge in declaring personal identity is not allowing who or what you think you are to become a self-imposed exile. A solution is near at hand that will allow you the freedom to release yourself from any constraints of consciousness that have formerly caged you. Look in unexpected places for the answers.


Themes: power, responsibility, fate, grace

It’s always a choice as to how you’ll respond to situations that stir up memories of old wounds that have yet to heal. Unfortunately, damaged people very often have the tendency to damage others. Will you continue perpetuating a cycle of pain or can you allow the possibility for healing? Draw on the understanding of your past experiences to calm the waters of dissension and offer compassion. Perhaps with one sudden move you have the power to decide the destiny of others. There is the capacity to either quiet the storm or brew one.


Themes: soul journey, power of imagination, inner strength

Have you gotten lost in the dream? Envisage the story you want to write for your life right now. Fairy tales usually require a hero to perform a difficult feat before the happy ending can be reached. If you’ve been looking to be saved, perhaps you’re realizing that what you’re after requires carefully pruned choices. You’ve endured the pain of a few pricks for the bountiful bouquet of roses that come later. After a deep and doomed sleep, the rousing of your passions bring with it a rebirth of consciousness. This awakening to the movement of life forever changes who you are. You’re now free to soar and recognize that being fully alive is so much better than the slumber of dreams. What you deemed to be a curse is over and you’re writing the ever-afters.


Themes: power of nature, joy of life, diversity, beauty

Gardens must be tended if they are to yield the best harvest. So it is with relationships as well. You’re learning to relate with greater consciousness in your choices and interactions with the mindful goal of creating the desired results. As a reward for these efforts, something beautiful is blossoming at the very center and heart of your existence. You realize the joy of love is much too big to contain when you share in the glory of life with others. There is hope, renewal, and revival in an area of your life. Both you and others may be astounded at the growth.


Themes: lifelong friendship, dependability, solidarity

You may be determining the relevancy of particular habits, situations, or relationships in your life. You’ve grown with some and away from others. Certain alliances or ways of being no longer hold value or must come to an end. Perhaps you reflect on the memories shared with those who have been with you on your life journey through many seasons, both in sorrow and in joy. You acknowledge the essential meaning and lesson of the connection and give thanks for the experience. Some chapters that are closing may be painful, especially if those involved are dear to you. The lesson is learning to recognize and release what has served and fulfilled its primary purpose.


Themes: innovation, transformation, growth, release

This season asks that you open to the winds of change currently blowing through your life. There’s a fear of letting go and allowing an important transformation to take place. However, there’s no need to grasp hold so tightly to what you feel is threatened. In spite of the anxiety that something is being torn apart, there’s actually a fine thread holding your world together. While things may feel scattered as you drift, you’ll always come back to you and never lose yourself. Circumstances provide an opening to ride like the wind and empower yourself by taking responsibility for your own pleasure.


Themes: compassion, care, friendship, protection

There’s cause for celebration through loving commitments. Your spirit guides are moving you toward a connection that offers hope and joy. This is a true alliance of love and friendship and the happy expression of good things occurring in your life, both now and in the future. Someone is optimistic of the ability to shelter you and keep the rain at bay. There’s a willingness to face discomfort or rise to the challenge in order to provide protection. You’re receiving this because your value is recognized in the brightness you bring to others. Positive thinking and the pledge to a plan will shade you from challenges, suffering, or harm.


Themes: soul journey, power of imagination, inner strength

The reality of a situation may not live up to the fantasy. Perhaps you’ve invested in a relationship with very little return. While disappointing, remember that each encounter enriches the fertile growth of personal experience. Certain situations lay the groundwork for you to manifest your truest dreams. Perhaps in deciding what you don’t want, you discover what you do. You’re currently due to wake up from something that felt doomed as you realize you’re no longer tied to restrictive thinking or circumstances. Now your imagination has the power to create the kind of happy ending you really want.


Themes: loneliness, cry for help, communication

You’re waiting for the arrival of someone. Perhaps you want them to know that you’re willing to move through the unknowable to connect. As you drift on a vast ocean of feelings, you need the reassurance that you will be heard. But you are not deserted–even in the silence. Your cries for help are met with love and support in times of loneliness. The lesson is learning to both give and receive boundless love through supportive communication. Your bond deepens through the emotional surety that you each stand at the ready to overcome any challenge. Blow the trumpet when the time arrives to rejoice together in spirit as you announce a heart filled with gratitude.


Themes: whimsy, excitement, curiosity, gift

You carry within you a connection to the spiritual realms and divinity. You’ve endured much but you’ve done so with a goal in mind that is guided by a sense of purpose. What appears simple on the surface is much more complex, and somewhat magical. Perhaps the objective is to offer your gifts of leadership and good guidance in honor of truth and justice. Your faithfulness to the flock means offering protection and never leaving a member behind. As a result, you may receive a gift for the pain of your efforts. You’re now residing in the magical space between dreams and truth. Revel in the excitement and anticipation of an old wish reaching fulfillment.

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