Love Notes: Weekend Dec 6-8, 2019

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: There are concerns that focus on healing and giving birth to something new. You may be recovering from childbirth, undergoing fertility treatments, or taking care of a new baby. Some may be taking time out to enter healing retreats in order to address issues where self-love is needed or dealing with loved ones who are recuperating. Positively, the initial stages of a creative project may take form that allows you to offer your innate gifts to provide healing for others.


  • Desire to see the best in others or a situation
  • Need for change in perspective about your relationship–may be tied to issues surrounding lust or seduction
  • Remaining positive in spite of thwarted desires
  • Change in perspective due to unexpected encounter
  • Rose-colored glasses; fantasies
  • Truth becomes glaringly obvious as time goes on


  • Secret engagement; anniversary; retirement party
  • Something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding in a long-term relationship
  • Stirring up the past–someone you’ve known from a long time ago
  • Relationship with someone older who may be more financially established; May-December romance; older couple
  • Need for something to come to light–may be related to history, heritage, ancestry, or parents
  • Old secret
  • Secret wisdom; age and experience in forming alliances
  • Promise that relationship will improve over time


  • Passion for someone where there’s a lack of mutual chemistry; turn-off
  • Anger about the lack of attraction or passion–mismatch
  • Exploring whether you share chemistry; need to try something new
  • Lack of passion for traveling; unable to expand
  • Pushing the boundaries of passion; divergent sexual tastes or desires


  • Anger about a broken-heart
  • Broken heart centering on passion
  • Disappointed about not reaping any reward for effort; lack of gratitude
  • Hurt because of loss or issues of abundance; need to shift away from scarcity mentality
  • Suffering due to betrayal, separation, or break up of relationship
  • Passion leads to a broken heart


  • Seduced by an opportunity
  • Opportunity for seduction; playing the role of seducer or seduced
  • Taking a risk–hidden affair, temptation, secret or clandestine relationship
  • Luck in attraction; heavy flirtation; sexual innuendos
  • Possibilities–you find new person seductively intriguing
  • Need to be frugal–temptation has a price
  • Passion is vital to relationship


  • Ego triggered around issues of freedom or breaking out of routine
  • Seeking freedom from relationship hindered by selfishness, arrogance or ego
  • Ego–belief that you can do anything
  • Freedom through release of ego–need to let go, move on
  • Self-righteousness or refusal to compromise
  • Mending relationship


  • Discernment about a third party or outside interference
  • Seeking deeper truth about love triangle–need to look beneath the surface
  • Hiding true self when socializing with others; party of three
  • Wearing a game face about being the center of attention
  • One person catered to by multiple partners; multiple suitors vying for attention


  • Fantasy trip; honeymoon
  • Creative writing; letting creativity loose
  • You will soon receive or send a love message
  • Written invitation, text, email, or phone call
  • Love letter, card, or sentiment
  • Fantasizing about sending a message; sex-text
  • Inaction–not getting the message
  • Wedding announcement
  • International correspondence
  • Hearing from someone; making contact; start of something


  • Dream guidance concerning issues where you’ve been trapped
  • Holding back a dream; confining situation is hindering you from sharing, expressing, or making the most of your best self
  • You/partner may need greater freedom; relationship making one of you feel trapped; looking for an escape route
  • Communication through dreams
  • Keeping something bottled up inside
  • Relationship never fully develops; uncomfortable changes
  • Being unrealistic–trying to change the partner into the ideal


  • Romantic history
  • High self-esteem; you/partner may come from family with a great deal of wealth, power, or influence
  • Old money; historical wealth–royalties, inheritance, assets, investments
  • Fearlessly taking action with regard to legacy, estate, or large property
  • Staying withing perceived elevated social status when dating; arranged marriage
  • Need for balance or grounding regarding history or the past
  • Traditional values; conservatism; status quo; dealing with the establishment
  • Contact with powerful individuals


  • Rejecting being in the spotlight
  • Contemplating whether someone you thought was the perfect partner is right for you; taking stock, weighing options
  • Rejected by “the one”; not being taken seriously; need for a time out
  • Not accepting a gift; not recognizing good fortune; not using your gifts
  • Getting advice about whether partner is worth spending a lifetime with
  • Diminished magnetism or powers of attraction; imagining that you’re being rejected
  • Longing for the perfect mate; rejecting someone in favor of other options you feel are more suited


  • Not giving or receiving love due to game playing or being led on
  • Not happy with transportation; choosing not to drive; unable to travel
  • Emotional ups and downs–need to bring love into your life
  • Self-love–one partner more serious than the other
  • Emotionally out of sync
  • Taking or being taken for a ride (literally or figuratively)
  • Superficiality
  • Going in circles; inability to find a resolution
  • Taking a round about approach

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Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|The Alchemist Astrologer and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.

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