Love Lessons|November 2019

What are November’s love lessons? What are we expected to glean from the relationships and circumstances we’re involved in? This is a month of restoring order, examining the exchange rate, and righting the scales of our partnerships. In Scorpio weather, it’s likely that this can only happen through situations that require we go deep, go hard, and get real. Matters take on a life or death intensity, and indeed, parts of ourselves, our relationships, or the current conditions may die or undergo startling change. Release, regeneration, and rebirth are the motifs.


Themes: lifelong friendship, dependability, solidarity

Friendship is a major theme in the lessons of this month. Whether you’re looking at deeper involvement or the greater potential of a relationship, the connection you’ve shared as long-term companions is important now. A dear friend may become a lover, partner, or ally. The deer symbolizes gentleness, yet strength and bravery as the need arises. Those who have walked the path with you through shared experiences, sorrows, and joys may need the reciprocity of your loving support which you willingly offer or you may sustain hope through the aid of a comrade who provides unconditional love and kindness.


Themes: soul journey, power of imagination, inner strength

The exploration of your own private world allows you to get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself–your hopes, fears, and dreams. You’re listening to the message of your heart. With limitless imagination, your soul is transcendent and able to soar among the stars for guidance and spiritual attainment. As castles generally hold treasure or captives, your thoughts may drift toward the unobtainable or that which is imprisoned. You may be facing demanding tasks or a heroic struggle to acquire something very precious. Draw from your deep well of inner strength and you will reach enlightenment. You have everything you need for this journey of the soul.


Themes: desires, wishes, longings

There’s something you strongly desire but may feel hesitant to pursue. Perhaps you wish to fly away toward a long-held dream or in search of a destination unknown. You need the freedom to follow the inspiration of your individual path and relationships that liberate you from constraint. Know that angels are near and have the courage to trust your intuition as it guides you toward what’s right for you in spite of what others may think. Each heart must dance to the tune of its own melody. When granted sovereignty over self, you’re willing to travel to the moon and back and love fully with all of your being. For the kind of love you seek, you must offer the same to others.


Themes: sensitivity, awareness of nature, integrated whole, strength

I never promised you a rose garden. Life, love, and relationships are never easy. We grow, change, and so do our alliances. Not everyone arrives at evolution at the same pace. Painful events may have caused a shift in your circumstances, but these turning points have created a powerful transformation from within. You’re freed through the understanding of change as a vital part of life’s seasons. Your metamorphosis encourages an opening to find the resilience to forgive or the strength to ask for forgiveness. As you grow, your heart blooms with passion, and like the flower you’ve become, you know that roses are strong because of the thorns, not in spite of them.


Themes: power, responsibility, fate, grace

You’re the master of your destiny and with that charge comes great responsibility. It’s the sum of your experiences from the past that will determine your response to the future. In the lap of the mermaid rests an anchor–a symbol of refuge and the strength to hold fast during a storm. There’s the hope of drifting away from the stagnancy of your life to set sail on a new and brighter journey. Don’t sink the ship through sabotage or chaos due to the pain of old losses or disappointments. You’re encouraged to stay true to the course in carrying out plans for the vision ahead. Remain steadfast in your decisions regardless of the uncertainty that may surround you.


Themes: new beginnings, luck, optimism

Good fortune is at hand and luck is on your side! Make no mistake–it’s your own optimism and the refusal to give in or give up that has attracted an opportunity for a new beginning. In spite of any obstacles, you realize that dwelling on negativity of the past serves no constructive purpose and only blocks the potential for the dawn of a new day. Rather than be cynical, you’ve consciously chosen to practice the law of attraction in order to manifest. Release the worries and regrets of yesterday and embrace a fresh start. You hold the power to make good things happen and the Universe is actively working overtime to support those efforts.


Themes: strength, growth, motherhood

The queen bee is the reason and center of everything the colony does. Without her, the colony cannot survive. Perhaps someone or something is the center of your world right now that you feel you must attend to. The object of your focus may provide the strength, protection, and sustenance you believe is necessary for your very survival. On the other hand, you may be wrestling with the issue of control. There can only be one queen bee–if two hatch at once they must fight to the death. Bees also sting and the message here may be to wake up. It’s time for you to focus on intention if you’ve been questioning your life goals. Concentrated effort, communication, and building community will lead you to the sweet nectar.


Themes: choices, confidence, letting go, self-determination

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is written in the Declaration of Independence. You may be intent on making a few declarations of your own to send the message that you want to be free. It’s important that you make decisions for yourself to choose the life that you want to live. In some instances, you’ve viewed connections as burdensome blocks that prevent you from going after your dreams or desires. However, it’s also possible that without realizing it, you’ve created an internal cage by turning your back on love in the defiance of help. You’re now confronted with a choice that can truly set you free. When you open to or offer support to those around you, you make peace with the idea that love is a bond rather than bondage.


Themes: magic, mystery, hidden thoughts

The moon represents so much of what either ensures or obstructs our sense of comfort and security. It correlates with intuitive awareness, psychological breakthroughs, secrets, and that which is hidden, both from others and from ourselves. You may unlock secret parts of yourself by delving into the past to address old fears, anxieties, and patterns of behavior stemming from childhood or further beyond to other lives. Perhaps you’re sorting through emotional debris to determine what is truly yours in support of defining your own individuality versus the conditioned responses thrust upon you through karmic links, family, environment, and societal expectations. The ancient aphorism, “know thyself” holds the key.


Themes: magic, mystery, hidden thoughts

A light is being shone on your innermost thoughts. Perhaps you’ve decided to share a part of yourself that has long been hidden. There may be secrets that now need to see the light of day, but it is you who can decide to unlock the key to share as much or as little as you wish. Keep in mind that a sunflower is drought tolerant, can take the heat and actually thrive from it. You have the strength and resilience necessary to endure. The symbolism also suggests a desire to seek light and truth as well as an adoration for the mystery of life. Helen Keller said, “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows.” This may be a period when you dance between both.


Themes: soul journey, power of imagination, inner strength

You may be required to surrender to a circumstance in order to rise above it. But if you allow it, your mind can be a castle in the kingdom of your own making; a fortress imperturbable to the influence or disturbance of the outside world. The bramble of thorns surrounding this sleeping beauty’s head can indicate either the buttress of protection for your imagination; the space that is yours alone and cannot be taken, or the exile of limitation. You are not bound to the physical or the inherent restrictions of the external. Instead, you’re encouraged to explore your dreams and probe the rich inner landscape within. As you travel along the soul’s journey, you play amid the stars and discover the treasure that is yourself.


Themes: power of nature, joy of life, diversity, beauty

A situation has been a source of pain for you, yet within it lies a sweet seed of joy. Very soon the blossoms will burst forth at the center of what you deem to be the foundation of your life and you’ll come to understand why the suffering was necessary. This may involve growth concerning family, home, a form of security, or something you create. Life is about to explode in living color and you’ll be amazed at the magnificence and beauty of your world. The enormity of your happiness will remind you to delight in the present moment as one small and lovely thing transforms the grief and reengages you with the energy of life.

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