Love Notes: Weekend Aug 16-18

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Events of the weekend may lead to a greater connection with your authentic inner self. The possibilities created through flirtatious interactions can make you feel exhilarated and on top of the world. On the other hand, the repercussions of flirting with fire in situations rife with complications can leave you stumbling on shaky ground. While generally no difficulty is without solution, you will need to consider the risk factor for situations beforehand rather than after the fact.


  • Seeking spiritual guidance; faith in intuition
  • Speaking to spirit guides; answered prayers
  • Exploring the psyche; more focused on spiritual growth rather than relationship
  • Open to inner voice regarding whether core values align
  • Deep spiritual connection to another person; relationship brings spiritual evolution
  • Purpose of relationship is for spiritual lesson only
  • Need to seek direction concerning faith or belief


  • Family adventure; seeking new horizons that affect family
  • Pushing boundaries in family relationships
  • Changes in the family–extended or blended family; desire to start a family
  • New perceptions regarding family
  • Creating family traditions together
  • Need to wake up to family issues
  • Shared family values are important


  • Difficulty moving on; reveling in the past; not releasing the past
  • “Marrying down”; partnership with someone from a different social status
  • Breaking the mold; rebelling against the system
  • Difficulties with property, assets, or real estate
  • Memories; past influences
  • Not doing what is expected; breaking with tradition
  • Overpowered by “the establishment”


  • Risky behavior to connect with someone from your past; social media stalking
  • Making positive personal changes because of relationship; positive transformation of relationship
  • Relationship reawakens feelings and desires you through were dead
  • Relationship starts again in new form; hidden aspects of self or a situation
  • Fears or illusions about reconnecting
  • Revitalization of relationship; second chances
  • Coming out of isolation; social butterfly
  • Need to acknowledge fears about re-entering the dating scene
  • Changing your appearance


  • Revelations through hidden sources about shared chemistry
  • Self-awareness about getting closer to someone
  • Relationship deepening in ways that may lead to greater physical and emotional intimacy
  • Need for contemplation regarding issues of intimacy; inner listening
  • Honeymoon, romantic getaway
  • Intimate message


  • The end of trying to reconcile; need to let go, move on
  • Release; freedom
  • Renewed connection
  • Ending or transformation resulting in totally different circumstances; breaking out of routine
  • Intensity concerning getting back together
  • Reconciliation due to crisis or financial issues; profound and unsettling changes
  • Inevitability


  • Retreating to private world to contemplate; sentimentality; nostalgia for the past
  • Returning to place where you shared good memories; romantic hotel or retreat
  • Creating memories together–new relationship or moving current relationship to the next level
  • Honeymoon phase of romance–exhilaration
  • Stuck in memories–need to open to love
  • Old loves may reappear


  • Transformation that leads to solution; change provides the answer
  • Waiting in vain for the answer or solution
  • An ending–a solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent
  • Facing the truth is the solution
  • Change–an opportunity or someone’s heart that was closed may now open
  • Discovering a clue, unlocking a secret, mystery, or enigma


  • Dream home or domestic situation; house in a dream
  • Dream concerning the home life you desire; dream guidance
  • Aspirations to own a home
  • Happy home situation
  • You may be purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, moving, or moving in together
  • Being unrealistic in domestic affairs


  • Contemplating marriage or commitment
  • Taking stock of commitments; weighing options
  • Team player; two heads better than one
  • Marriage; weddings
  • Formal couple; partnership
  • Need for time out from commitment or marriage


  • Not seduced by immediate gratification when doing what you love
  • Discussions about waiting for love rather than just a physical connection
  • You/partner may be secretly tempted by another person
  • Someone interfering in your relationship
  • Looking for satisfaction outside of the primary relationship; mistress; the other; unfaithfulness
  • Jealousy; need to release your thoughts
  • Sexual conquest driving relationship; one night stand; risky sexual behavior
  • Inappropriate or unwanted advances; lack of vitality or sexual energy


  • Breakthrough regarding “the one”; marriage material
  • Sudden inspiration or insight that leads to good luck; may be receiving gifts, recognition or good fortune
  • Unexpected visitor or news–may connect to your ideal partner
  • Person with all of the quintessential traits you find appealing
  • High magnetism and powers of attraction; something takes off
  • Being in the spotlight
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness in deciding if this is the one

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