Love Lessons: August 2019

Although it’s summer, class is still in session. This month’s love lesson reading will give you some guidance about why certain situations have presented in your life at this time. Be sure to view you sun, moon and rising signs for added perspective on August’s story.


Themes: Rebirth; second chances; new opportunities

In spite of having to let go or dealing with loss in the past, endings are only illusions. Remember that you play the most important and vital role in your own happiness. You are regenerating to meet the love that is arising to greet you. Now is the time when you will see evidence of this new emergence.


Themes: Alignment with opportunity; awareness of synchronicity; luck and good fortune appearing as signs and symbols; magical alignment of events

The Universe is orchestrating a plan that puts you in the right place at the right time in front of the right person. You have met or are about to meet someone vitally important to your journey. Because this is a Divine plan outside of your control, your role is simply to be aware and pay attention to the signs that Spirit presents.


Themes: Unfinished business; an incomplete lesson; lack of closure; the need to make amends

You may face difficulty in moving on from a situation that has not provided the necessary closure. As a result, you could still feel bound to circumstances that lack answers or resolution. Take the initiative in making the first move to make peace with yourself by accepting a situation as is, through making amends, or declaring your feelings. Close the door on the past to set yourself free for new love to blossom.


Themes: Need to see beyond the superficial; embellishment to disguise true nature; trying to be something you’re not; chasing after every sparkly new thing; mercurial

Perhaps you feel the need to exaggerate your qualities to make them more appealing while hiding your authentic self behind the glitz. On the other hand, you may fail to see the real beauty of someone who lacks the glamour you so desire. Now is the time to either take off or look beyond the mask. Release the artifice driven by personal gain and see with your heart to discover the value of who someone is.


Themes: Being ready; bringing something to light; being at your best; confidence

Being your most confident self allows you to handle anything. When you feel good about you, you attract a deeper, more intimate relationship. You have nothing to prove in this moment. Love, friendship and harmonious new connections are present now or coming toward you. Surrender yourself to the experience of allowing others to truly know you. Be ready to give and to receive from the heart.


Themes: Self-criticism; wounded ego; unnecessary drama

People enter your life for a reason. Some of those reasons involve pain resulting from shame, fear of intimacy, and low self-esteem. You have an important opportunity for healing. But first, you must reflect on the story of loneliness, abandonment, or rejection you’ve been telling (and re-telling) and forgive yourself for ever believing it. The time has come for you to recognize your own glory and to tell a new more truthful story full of love and compassion.


Themes: Rebirth; second chances; new opportunities

In some decks, a tree represents healing, healers, or family history. I suspect your situation involves something deeply rooted from the past that needs to be healed. It’s time to regenerate into new form. This could mean relying on your personal strength to stand tall and proud, and in some cases, a break with tradition. An ending heralds in a new beginning that makes you feel more grounded. Lift yourself to the heavens to receive it.


Themes: Communication; a sign; spontaneous message pointing the way to your highest good

You can expect someone to favor you with positive news. This could be in the form of a letter, phone call, or email. It may in some way honor your initiative, uniqueness, or individuality. Be ready to receive the good outcome from this message. Positive change has reached your shores.


Themes: Movement and creative activity; the power to make things happen; taking action

Circumstances are supporting action on your part with assurance that it’s okay for you to make the first move. Trust that you will quickly know where you stand. Take the initiative to put it out there when you need help; your acceptance of support strengthens and deepens the bond. In matters of the heart, there is movement toward your highest good. Take the lead–passion is in the air.


Themes: Something wonderful that is unearned and unexpected; grace that is an unforeseen gift from Spirit

You are deepening the intimacy of a sacred partnership. This blessed union has the power to bring transformation and beauty to the world. But more importantly, you’re being divinely guided to develop a deeper connection to self and the Universe. You are loved. New developments will bring evidence of grace in your life.


Themes: Being fully present in the moment; living one day at a time

Perhaps your desire is for a love affair or the kind of relationship not presently in your life. Trust that you have everything you need in this moment in time and that this moment is the only one that belongs to you. Stay present and aware of how far you have come and revel in the wisdom of your experience. The more you approve of your beautiful self, the more of a magnet you become for love. Turn to Source to feel the joy of the present in the here and now.


Themes: Conscious contact with a Higher Power; presence of the Divine; seeing Source energy in all things; committing to a partnership with the Universe

It’s time to address the level of commitment and effort given to your relationship with the Universe. Recognize that your partnership with Source is your foremost priority. Yet, there is also a deep spiritual bond between you and another person who is essential to your growth and evolution. Tend to your spiritual connections and remain aware of your truest self.

Decks: Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid|Hay House, Inc. and Love is a Garden|The Alchemist Astrologer]

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