Love Lessons: July 2019

Sometimes life gets so complicated that you can’t see the forest for the trees. It’s easy to forget that there’s a method to this madness. The difficulties or experiences we face through our interactions, exchanges, and relationships with others supports the ultimate goal of discovering self. Realizing what you’re meant to learn makes it a lot easier to overcome the challenge and recognize the gain. This month’s love lesson reading will give you some guidance about why certain situations have presented in your life at this time. Be sure to view you sun, moon and rising signs for added perspective on July’s story.


Themes: Power, Responsibility, Fate, Grace

You hold the power to change destiny. You can choose to stir the waters of turbulence because of the painful losses you have experienced in the past, or navigate toward calmer waters of healing.


Themes: Non-judgment, Acceptance, Self-compassion

You grow stronger as you make the choice to nurture and care for self. In spite of people or situations that introduce toxic elements of jealousy or shame into the environment, you bloom in and through the acceptance of the shadow.


Themes: Innocence, Joy of play, Wonder

The possibility for love expands when you view situations through eyes of child-like wonder and abandon.


Themes: Sun, Light, Energy, Courage, Clarity

Keep your radiant light shining in spite of the darkness you encounter. Focus on the positive and an illuminating truth will allow you to leave any fears behind.


Themes: Love, Womanhood, Passion, Seduction

There is power in persuasion and the gentle art of seduction. Look for a refreshing sign that brings renewal, and with it, the gift of femininity, beauty and passion.


Themes: New beginnings, Luck, Optimism

You hold the power to make good things happen by focusing on the positive. Leave the regrets of yesterday behind and look toward the sun and a better, brighter future.


Themes: Curiosity, Discovery, Small moments in life

A metamorphosis in thinking will transform a situation. Be mindful of the many possible moments that could be precious. Small observations lead to great discoveries, especially when the focus is self.


Themes: Patience, Awareness, Focus

Healing comes through a detached observance of life. The decisive moment for action will present itself if you remain calmly in the present.


Themes: Choices, Confidence, Letting go, Self-determination

Claim the freedom to choose your own way of life. Do not allow others to make this important choice for you. You hold the power to liberate yourself from cages that are external and internal when you recognize limitations of your own making.


Themes: Experience of life, Growth, Knowledge, Age

Your personal kingdom dwells in the experience of your soul and the wisdom you have gained. It is the memories, thoughts and feelings that have become the fortress of life protecting you from pain as you journey toward your most authentic self.


Themes: Believe in yourself, Solutions, Creativity

There is no need for distress as no situation is too complicated to be solved. Look in unexpected places for answers. You have the creativity to find the way out when you remember why you bought in.

[Decks: Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein|U.S. Games Systems, Inc. and Love is a Garden|The Alchemist Astrologer]

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