Love Notes: Weekend January 25-27

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: You may be working together with your partner to overcome difficult issues that perhaps tie to your hopes and dreams that you share as a couple or as individuals. Unexpected gifts or opportunities could arrive that assist you in resolving these challenges. In fact, results may even exceed your initial expectations. However, for some, there is the realization that action is needed and more effort will be required to find a solution.


  • Relationship gone cold may suddenly re-ignite
  • Avenues and doorways related to a dream or vision begin to open
  • Creativity that was blocked emerges; imagination is the key
  • Need to sort out fantasy from truth–dreams vs. reality
  • Sorting out why you may have hit a wall
  • Need to pay attention to the level of commitment to promises made by you/others

Romantic Advice for Aries


  • Release of negative emotions; flood of tears
  • Letting go of negative concerns about prosperity or abundance
  • Healing through connection to nature
  • Moving on from pain toward sense of gratitude
  • Devoid of emotion–suppressing
  • Stuck in grief about not reaping reward for efforts; need to shift from scarcity mentality
  • Caution–need to examine issues of co-dependency

Romantic Advice for Taurus


  • Taking a closer look at privacy issues; lack of privacy
  • Revealing too much works against you; lack of discretion
  • Someone prying into your personal affairs; stalker (on social media)
  • Looking behind the curtain–trying to explain the inexplicable
  • Seeking reassurance about exploring your feelings toward someone; being more open

Romantic Advice for Gemini


  • Knowledge/truth or wisdom of choices related to intimacy
  • Opening to higher self helps to strengthen intimate connection
  • Relationship deepening in ways that lead to greater physical and emotional intimacy
  • Seeking inner peace regarding intimacy
  • Relationship advice; need for guidance
  • Honeymoon, romantic getaway
  • May need to heal from the past or deal with family patterns to create greater intimacy

Romantic Advice for Cancer


  • A blinding focus on what’s fair or how to restore order
  • Weighing options; possibilities; important decisions; start of something
  • Trying to figure out who should be responsible for what–domestic, parenting, finance or assets
  • Using imagination to find solutions–working on agreements; negotiations
  • Overwhelmed with trying to balance personal and professional life
  • Difficulty choosing between two partners or opportunities–fantasy; inaction
  • Creativity focused on line, form, balance, aesthetics
  • Freedom through forgiveness

Romantic Advice for Leo


  • Lucky invitations out of the blue
  • Fortuitous stroke of luck related to socializing, romance, friendship or opportunity; wish fulfilled
  • Pleasant encounter or surprise may lead to invitation
  • Opportunity to meet someone of interest
  • You have to get out of your shell to create luck
  • Luck through allowing a situation to unfold naturally

Romantic Advice for Virgo


  • Exploring the limits of your intuition
  • Using intuition regarding travel possibilities
  • Instincts guide expansion; trust your gut about pushing boundaries
  • Intuition tells you to try something new
  • Trust your instincts about relationship–whether it feels right and how to move forward
  • Revelation through an encounter
  • May need to get away with OR get away from your partner to heal from the past

Romantic Advice for Libra


  • Trying to resurrect a relationship with a person you deem as “the one”
  • Changes in your ideal; moving on from the old
  • Marriage material; partner worth spending life with
  • Revived powers of attraction and magnetism; in the spotlight again
  • Renewal; something thought dead has new life
  • Kick-start through gifts, recognition or good fortune
  • A need to know what your ideal is so you can manifest it–opportunity will arrive shortly

Romantic Advice for Scorpio


  • Secretly keeping score; negative comparisons; recorded wrongs
  • Competition for love and affection; power plays
  • Secrets about trading favors (i.e. sex for money, power)
  • Red flags concerning secrets; something needs to come to light
  • Comparing secrets
  • Something you’re either not seeing OR that you’re hiding–inconsistencies in speech/behavior; unreliability
  • Stirring up the past; having to pay a high price for the relationship
  • Unwilling to share ideas or compromise; fear of change or commitment
  • Need for positive attitude to create commitment

Romantic Advice for Sagittarius


  • Flirtations, lightheartedness attracts others to you
  • Secret admirer who may be reluctant to come forward (may use joking as pretense); secret crush
  • Enjoying being in the spotlight or getting attention; someone is watching you
  • Special someone may be unaware they hold key to your heart
  • Seriously? Someone interested in you that you hadn’t considered
  • You need recreation or down time to connect
  • Time apart from a partner stirs the heart
  • May need to let go of the past to allow for the new

Romantic Advice for Capricorn


  • Is it hot in here? You radiate sex appeal; magnetism
  • Fireworks–chemistry off the charts; desire; sexual encounters
  • Self-expression; confidence to let yourself shine
  • Strong attraction; intense sexual chemistry
  • Passion channeled into creativity
  • Take care that you don’t get carried away
  • Can’t be bothered with chemistry–oblivious, self-absorbed

Romantic Advice for Aquarius


  • Time for solitude–introspection, inner listening
  • Time to be alone with OR away from your partner
  • Rest and recharge; withdrawal to energize
  • Momentary pause–trust that all is happening at the time meant to occur
  • Sanctuary at just the right time–Universe working to unfold situation in the time that is best for maximum experience
  • Mulling things over regarding the perfect time to act
  • Need for reflection as to whether love is true or false

Romantic Advice for Pisces

(Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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