Mercury enters Aquarius

Who am I, what do I want, and why do I want it? These are the questions that tend to percolate in the mind during Mercury’s trek through Aquarius and you may have a wealth of plans. You will likely examine your hopes and dreams while assessing whether your professional life is providing the kind of reward you anticipated at the outset. In some cases, you may discover that certain goals you are currently pursuing are not necessarily your own, but rather have actualized through the dictates of others.  Exchanges with friends and colleagues may open up a dialogue that provides helpful insight. Fortunately, a quick grasp of situations coupled with progressive thinking can aid in needed changes or reform. Additionally, an uptick in communication and social interaction may include new eye-opening viewpoints through contact with younger persons. You may wish to work alone or could become involved with intellectual types who inspire you to expand your own mental abilities or prompt you to consider your impact as a humanitarian. Negatively, you may need to practice caution regarding alliances, especially when forming any agreements.

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