Love Notes: Weekend January 4-6

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:  You could find yourself beginning a whirlwind relationship with someone who lives at a distance. As a result of this connection, you may decide to take a trip or vacation to visit your romantic partner. If you’re currently in a relationship that has hit a rough patch, you may seek distance from the situation or you may need to take steps to support your partner through a difficulty. This is a period where you may be trying to influence others and ideas that you are working to bring to life may suddenly take off.


  • Alone due to relationship conflicts characterized by cold wars, silence, aloofness
  • Rejected or left out in the cold
  • Seeking sanctuary from the cold (environment or attitude); cold nights
  • Re-energizing a relationship gone cold; intuition about the cooling off of relationship
  • Sexual frigidity, impotence or lack of libido
  • Mulling things over about lack of warmth or personal connection
  • Feelings that are frozen; need for rest, withdrawal

Romantic Advice for Aries


  • Need for clarity regarding money or the future
  • Something about interaction brings important issues to light; possibilities
  • Light-bulb moments–manifesting with thoughts
  • Clarity or truth about relationship and connection to good fortune

Romantic Advice for Taurus


  • History of emotional trust in–long-term relationship; older couple; parents
  • Trusting emotions due to age or experience; belief in self
  • Support from others; relationship with someone older or more established financially; feeling protected
  • Recognizing vulnerability of–long-term relationship; parents
  • Recognizing vulnerability due to age

Romantic Advice for Gemini


  • Inability to produce or manifest reward for efforts
  • Financial concerns related to having children; need to shift from scarcity mentality
  • Disagreements about when or if to have children
  • Difficult, unwanted, or unexpected pregnancy
  • Miscarriage; termination; difficult adoption
  • Unable to give birth to something new

Romantic Advice for Cancer


  • Intuition about moving on or moving forward in relationship
  • Using intuition to create or follow a plan; focus
  • Trust your instincts about whether this relationship feels right
  • Intuition reveals something through an encounter
  • Listen to inner guidance on how to move forward in relationship; motivation, drive
  • Intuition tells you that orientation is needed–relationship is aimless

Romantic Advice for Leo


  • Secret decisions or decision about a secret
  • Someone keeping secrets and not revealing everything
  • Element of relationship may be clandestine, secretive or hidden
  • Being discreet is important due to circumstances
  • Inability to read another’s emotions

Romantic Advice for Virgo


  • Successfully juggling responsibilities related to travel
  • Working to balance your emotions when sorting through emotional baggage
  • Need for healthy balance–partnership may suffer due to childhood patterns, ego, or experiences from past relationships
  • Working toward equilibrium when faced with unresolved issues that affect the way you engage with others
  • Inability to get past chronic negative behaviors that may damage or prevent relationship
  • Seeking harmony to find balance between work and personal life

Romantic Advice for Libra


  • Dream that may have included threesome; astral travel, lucid dreaming
  • Aspirations for menage-a-trois or third party involvement
  • Illusions about open relationship; being unrealistic
  • One person being catered to by multiple suitors
  • Projections about being a player

Romantic Advice for Scorpio


  • Passionate about starting a family; rushing into something
  • Shared family values are important
  • Family dynamics or conditioning are affecting the passion in a relationship
  • Creating family traditions together; family gatherings; extended family
  • Following your bliss (may connect to family business); need to find your bliss/passion
  • Intense exchanges with family members

Romantic Advice for Sagittarius


  • Recognition from/of a child or someone from childhood
  • Need to remember childlike exuberance of romance; playful interactions; self-expression
  • Dating someone younger; confidence
  • Tapping into your creative well with childlike abandon; creativity; letting yourself shine
  • Excited about something new
  • Childish need to be the center of attention; oblivious, self-absorbed
  • Ignoring a child or someone from your past

Romantic Advice for Capricorn


  • Taking a risk (may be due to bad advice of friend)–need to be frugal
  • Relationship you thought had romantic potential will not develop beyond friendship
  • Friends negatively influence relationship or rain on the parade
  • Friendship ruined because of attempts at romance
  • Losing a friendship because of an opportunity
  • Opportunity revives to turn friendship into a romance

Romantic Advice for Aquarius


  • Revelations from hidden sources about strong attraction and possibly intense sexual chemistry with someone
  • Self-awareness about personal magnetism OR whether there’s chemistry with someone; need for contemplation, inner listening
  • Hidden or subliminal messages, innuendos, passion

Romantic Advice for Pisces

(Decks: Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks and The Romance Angels Oracle|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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