Mercury enters Capricorn

As Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn, it’s all business and a tendency to view life seriously. You are very clear about objectives and probably focused on professional concerns and decisions that are driven by ambition. You may be reevaluating career goals and making changes that will assist in advancement up the ladder of success or working to resolve difficult problems. This is an excellent period to pursue training or new studies that will boost your earning power and enhance your skill set as mental faculties are supported by concentration, patience, and strong logic. This is an especially productive period if you work in a Mercurial field such as writing, teaching, speaking, advertisement or involvement with social media. It’s also a good time to gain the attention of superiors and those whose influence can guide you toward channels of opportunity. Success may be achieved through your own merit and economy. You may find yourself involved in transactions or business matters that require documentation or signatures. Be careful of communication as the possibility exists that negotiations will go off the rails. You may end up mired in red tape or lost in the details while failing to consider the larger picture. Paper pushing may override more pleasant and fulfilling work duties.

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