Love Notes: Weekend December 28-30

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:  You could be taking stock of your relationship due to changes in perspective. As a result, you may seek advice or take a time out from a partnership because of unsettling truths that are becoming more obvious. On the other hand, you may decide to focus on the more positive aspects of this connection while weighing options about how to move forward.



  • Unable to grasp why intimacy is withheld
  • Sexual or emotional intimacy used as a means for power
  • Removing the mask to reveal lack of intimate connection; need to look beneath the surface for the truth about intimacy
  • Sexual favors or manipulation
  • Withholding intimacy as a means of punishment
  • Revealing fears of intimacy

Love Advice for Aries




  • New perspective or new information releases repressed emotions
  • Need to think outside of the box to get in touch with feelings
  • Self-awareness of cauterized emotions; revelations; “personal spring” revolution
  • Renewed feelings after previously being emotionally closed off

Love Advice for Taurus




  • Healing from rejection
  • Need to give yourself what others cannot/will not; self-care, self-love
  • Time out due to unrequited love; relationship will not move forward romantically because of lack of mutual feeling
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic rather than romantic
  • Love has withered; disinterest; lack of attraction
  • One person in relationship is investing more time and energy without a return

Love Advice for Gemini




  • Fortunate marriage circumstances
  • Wedding gifts
  • Hopes and dreams related to commitment
  • Formalizing relationship; results surpass expectations
  • Need for action in your commitment

Love Advice for Cancer




  • Grief about trying to manifest something
  • Using personal power to overcome grief
  • Focusing on the negative; stuck in unhealthy thinking
  • Unhappiness because of loss, disappointment or rejection (may be due to betrayal or separation)

Love Advice for Leo




  • Lacking the opportunity for enjoyment
  • Not taking lucky break seriously
  • Unable to let loose despite fortuituous stroke of luck
  • Difficulty creating down time related to pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise; time out
  • Need to make time to manifest a wish or create opportunity to connect with someone of interest

Love Advice for Virgo




  • Money related to home, property or domestic affairs
  • Future home situation is the focus; need for clarity
  • Good fortune in purchasing home, new property, setting up house, re-decorating, moving or moving in with partner
  • Manifesting the home you desire; possibilities
  • Happy home situations

Love Advice for Libra




  • Sudden insight or inspiration triggers pleasant memories of shared experiences
  • Unexpected visitor or news related to memories or the past; old loves may reappear
  • Need to avoid impulsiveness based on sentimentality or nostalgia for the past
  • Memories of taking off OR of someone taking off; suddenly remembering something important
  • Breakthrough in creating memories together

Love Advice for Scorpio




  • Holding on to karmic situation or relationship
  • Karmic situation keeps you from feeling appreciated or enjoying yourself
  • Lack of appreciation for lesson of karmic situation
  • Letting go–paying a karmic debt
  • With someone to evolve spiritually through experience orchestrated by Universe
  • Releasing material for the spiritual

Love Advice for Sagittarius




  • Desire to have a child or give birth to a project; trying to conceive; adoption
  • Longing for something new; temptation; unexpected encounters
  • Seeds of desire; fertile period
  • Sexual encounter results in pregnancy or birth of a child; baby announcement
  • Thwarted desires; fertility issues

Love Advice for Capricorn




  • Blocked from moving forward OR moving on from a situation that made you feel trapped
  • Confining situation is hindering you from sharing, expressing or making most of your best self
  • Creating or following a plan because you/partner may need greater freedom
  • Trapped due to aimlessness–need for orientation

Love Advice for Aquarius




  • Keeping secrets and not revealing everything–something you’re not seeing or something you’re hiding
  • Releasing a secret; stirring up the past; coming clean
  • Element of relationship may be clandestine, secretive or hidden
  • Being discreet or indiscreet affects circumstances
  • Inability to read another’s emotions; something needs to come to light

Love Advice for Pisces



(Decks:  Romantic Love Oracle|Ursula Blanks|

The Romance Angels Oracle Deck|Doreen Virtue|Hay House, Inc.)

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