Love Notes: Weekend December 21-23

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs: Trust your instincts about whether a relationship feels right, especially those with a tie to the past. There may be secrets around something you’re hiding or failing to see. Important issues may come to light through your encounters. Listen to your intuition for guidance on how to move forward.



  • Thinking about getting engaged; getting advice about a ring
  • Weighing options regarding agreements, contracts, unions that are legally binding
  • Taking stock of commitments, obligations or undertaking
  • Contemplating a promise
  • Need for time out for socializing OR time out from social engagements

Love Advice for Aries




  • Appreciation for discretion or privacy; may need to spend time alone with your partner
  • Content to shut out the world; enjoying life
  • Pleasure behind closed doors; gratification
  • Keeping luxuries, gifts under wraps
  • Hiding either expenses or abundance; clutching on to something
  • Contact with individual who is difficult to know and very private

Love Advice for Taurus




  • Possible travel or dealing with travelers–comparison shopping; getting the best deal; travel rewards or mileage
  • Celebration of winning; score-keeping is important; tallying up the cost
  • Minimizing good news due to mental record of “wrongs”
  • Nit-picking social functions or celebration; hypercritical
  • Inability to compromise; one-upmanship

Love Advice for Gemini




  • Discernment about whether there’s chemistry
  • Wearing a game face about an attraction; passion
  • Hiding true self and how you really feel about someone
  • Looking underneath the surface–strong attraction and intense sexual chemistry
  • Trying to find the passion

Love Advice for Cancer




  • Emotional ups and downs due to memories, dealing with the past, or ties to family
  • Emotionally out of sync; not really having fun
  • Taking someone for a ride (literally or figuratively)
  • One partner more serious than the other; game playing; leading on
  • Going in circles; difficulty moving on

Love Advice for Leo




  • Time out–may be taking a trip or vacation with your partner; enjoyment, playfulness, letting loose
  • Time out–distance in the relationship (physical or emotional)
  • May be involved in long distance relationship
  • May need down time to get a way from it all
  • Joking or lightheartedness as a tactic to distance yourself from a situation
  • You may need to go the distance with your partner in a difficult situation

Love Advice for Virgo




  • Taking off from relationship that hasn’t worked out; relationship will not move forward romantically because of lack of mutual feelings
  • Searching for new horizons–disinterest, lack of attraction
  • Running away; one person investing more time and energy without a return
  • Love has withered–need for freedom
  • Relationship likely to remain platonic rather than romantic
  • Leaving what doesn’t work for something that does

Love Advice for Libra




  • Relationship brings spiritual magic; you share deep spiritual connection
  • Taking a closer look–relationship may bring about spiritual evolution through lessons
  • Connection to spiritual individual
  • Faith in your relationship
  • You/partner may be more focused on developing spiritual growth than being in relationship
  • Your relationship may ONLY serve to bring about spiritual lesson

Love Advice for Scorpio




  • Strength of an opportunity–may be related to romance, creativity, children or pets
  • Using personal strength to create opportunity; fearlessly taking action
  • High self-esteem attracts opportunity
  • Opportunity presents that allows for beneficial change provided that you take the initiative
  • Need for balance–strength to determine whether you should open the door to something

Love Advice for Sagittarius




  • Greater clarity through giving advice or solving a problem
  • Taking the initiative to get to the truth in a relationship
  • Illumination; something about your interactions bring important issues to light
  • Need to take a leadership role to gain clarity

Love Advice for Capricorn




  • Childhood romance may be highlighted; return of someone from childhood
  • Disagreements regarding children, child-rearing or parenting styles create difficulty in current or new relationship
  • Someone is being irresponsible or behaving like a spoiled child; need to open to love
  • Children negatively impact relationship
  • Custody battles
  • Childhood patterns are problematic for romance

Love Advice for Aquarius




  • Trust in marriage; support from partner
  • Trust issues related to partner or commitment
  • Formalizing relationship as a couple; feeling protected
  • Wedding
  • Recognizing vulnerability of commitment

Love Advice for Pisces



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