Love Notes: Weekend December 7-9

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:  There is a focus on the gift of expression and releasing what was left unsaid or repressed. You may be declaring your joy about an ideal–project or person and the connection to a “perfect partner” or following your bliss and doing what you love. Situations may involve exchanges of gifts, recognition and sharing of good fortune. There may be issues surrounding popularity or being noticed or validated.



  • Seeking romance as an escape OR trying to escape a romance
  • Re-energizing a romance
  • Candlelight dinner; romance into the night
  • Mulling things over concerning courtship or a romantic gesture
  • Inner guidance regarding dating
  • Withdrawing from romance; romanticizing being alone



  • Secrets about the past; something you’re hiding; old secrets
  • Past conditions affect relationship; something you’re not seeing
  • Stirring up the past; dealing with an ex or old lover
  • Unfinished business–need for something to come to light



  • Realization that timing is off in a relationship
  • Advice about rushing into commitments without giving proper consideration; solving a problem
  • Trying to force a relationship before one of you is really ready
  • Delays–need to take a leadership role



  • Wisdom of being alone OR wisdom gained when in solitude
  • Opening to higher self–time frame where you feel need to withdraw rather than engage with others
  • Seeking inner peace or spiritual guidance
  • Truth about being alone–may not necessarily be by choice



  • Confident in your position in a disagreement; successfully dealing with anger
  • Disagreement impacts confidence; need for self-appreciation or love
  • Arguments; winning at all costs
  • Recognition of difficulty in communicating
  • “Ridin’ high in April–shot down in May”
  • Success creates conflict or discord



  • Enjoyment–strong attraction and intense sexual chemistry
  • Letting loose–passion
  • Playfulness, banter, flirtation
  • A need for recreation or down-time with someone you share chemistry with OR to work toward creating it
  • Joking about compatibility
  • Atmosphere triggers chemistry (bars, coffee shops, social activities)



  • End of the road; changes that affect the future
  • Transformation; relationship in the distant future
  • An ending; facing truth about future of relationship
  • Waiting in vain for a relationship
  • Detour–literal or figurative



  • Remembering the fun times; pleasurable memories
  • Someone/something you enjoyed moving on; mourning
  • Intuition (spiritual prompting) about being taken for a ride
  • Going in circles regarding ancestry or family issues; history
  • Transportation issues – family car; old car; etc.
  • Riding the tails of your ancestors



  • Recognition from family; success through family connections
  • Recognition that family dynamics or conditioning affect relationship
  • Successful family; shared values are important; pride in family
  • Creating family traditions together; family gatherings; extended family
  • Desire to start a family
  • Time to stop struggling–acceptance of what is regarding family



  • Recognition of karmic circumstances; situations put you in the spotlight
  • Learning karmic lessons through self-expression or creativity
  • Confidence in the process–karmic relationship that will aid your spiritual evolution (even if uncomfortable)
  • Karma that is a result of being oblivious or self-absorbed; karmic debt; “karma is a bitch”
  • Karmic relationship is highlighted



  • Trying to gain power over a broken heart
  • Disappointment about manifesting plans/dreams
  • Need to take charge using personal power to overcome challenging situation
  • Power struggles lead to broken heart
  • Disappointment related to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break-up of relationship



  • Transformation of financial picture; opportunity for change in finances
  • Money to follow a dream; career/work takes priority over relationship
  • Fiscal responsibility–embracing new self-identity
  • Finances affect your relationship; family business
  • Working on shared financial goals or greater security with a partner
  • You/partner may be wealthy or involved in financial industry
  • May be involved in work affair with superior, co-worker or colleague
  • Need for change concerning finances



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