Love Notes: Weekend Nov 30 – Dec 3

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.

Underlying Theme for All the Signs:  Grief over healing (physically, emotionally, otherwise) or healing grief caused by disappointment, loss or betrayal.



  • Seduced by travel or someone at a distance
  • Exploring possibilities–you find new person seductively intriguing
  • Pushing boundaries–hidden affair; sexual innuendos; flirting
  • Someone trying to seduce you or vice versa
  • Need to try something new–seduction vital in maintaining passion in relationship



  • Good fortune–relationship is in the distant future
  • Possibilities–planning future together as a couple
  • Manifesting a relationship with your thoughts; foreseeing where relationship may be headed; writing on the wall
  • Need for clarity about the future and a relationship



  • Taking action to create domestic bliss with your partner
  • Start of something creates happy home situation
  • Good timing–may be purchasing a home, new property, setting up house, redecorating, renovating, moving or moving in together
  • Need to take the initiative in domestic situation



  • Memories tied to a broken heart; nostalgia; reveling in the past
  • Broken-hearted over family or past influences
  • Disappointment due to hurt, loss, betrayal, separation or break up of relationship
  • Difficulty in moving on from a broken heart



  • Strength of lucky opportunity; fortuitous stroke of luck
  • Pleasant unexpected encounter or surprise
  • Fortunate circumstance brings meeting with someone of interest
  • Fearlessly taking action to create luck; high self-esteem
  • Wish manifests
  • Careful of pushing your luck–need for balance/grounding



  • Beautiful memories; memories of pleasant shared experiences influence your relationship
  • Creating memories together
  • Memories related to someone you found extremely attractive
  • Reveling in memories–“when I was…younger, thinner, more attractive…etc.” — need to recognize inner beauty
  • Thinking of old loves, sentimentality; nostalgia for the past



  • Discernment about an ending or separation; seeking deeper truth; need to look under the surface for the truth
  • Trying to figure out why something has changed beyond recognition
  • Learning of a death (after the fact)
  • Wearing a game face related to an ending
  • Hiding true self–may need to release, let go, or surrender to circumstances



  • Ego drives need for spotlight or attention; oblivious; self-absorbed
  • Self-expression through ego; creativity
  • Confident; pride in your abilities; refusal to compromise
  • Ego about getting or giving credit
  • Relationship hindered by selfishness or self-righteousness
  • Recognition that relationship requires mending



  • Hypnotic influence of new love; mesmerized; courtship, beginning stages of relationship
  • Mind on overdrive concerning new love; imagination running wild
  • Total concentration on possibility for new love
  • New love of something involving creativity
  • New love is in the works or on its way; start of something; relationship on the immediate horizon
  • Meeting a new potential partner
  • Inaction–merely fantasizing about love but failure to take necessary steps to create it



  • Comparison shopping related to travel; travel mileage or bonus rewards
  • Good news–beating out competition
  • Opening the door to score-keeping or one-upmanship
  • Inconsistencies; unreliability; fear of change or commitment
  • Keeping mental notation of “wrongs”
  • Problematic travel issues–may relate to celebration, car repairs; ticket



  • Quietly giving birth to something behind the scenes
  • Hidden pregnancy; concealed love child; risky pregnancy
  • Fears or illusions about trying to conceive, birth, adoption, new baby–need to acknowledge fears
  • Hidden aspect of self or situation involving fertility (child, project)
  • Fear of the new



  • Exhilarated by and enjoying a spiritual awakening
  • Relationship is mutual fun ride–may/may not develop into something deeper
  • Going in circles regarding spirituality or philosophical discussions
  • Pleasure of another’s company–spiritual connection
  • Enjoying nature and connecting to Source
  • Universe has a sense of humor
  • Taken for a ride–need for grounding; carried away
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