Love Notes: Weekend Sept 28-Oct 1

Brief love reading for each of the signs. Be sure to look at your Sun, Moon and Rising sign for an expanded perspective.



  • Breaking away from the routine of keeping score; letting go of one upmanship or competitive behaviors
  • Seeking freedom through irresponsible behavior, inconsistencies, thoughtlessness
  • Freeing yourself from upheaval, discord, or rigid thinking
  • Exhilaration through “winning;” self-righteousness
  • Need to let go or move on from resentments, arguments, pride



  • Taking action to find a solution
  • A solution to a difficulty or challenge is imminent; good timing
  • Time to act–an opportunity that was formerly closed opens
  • Start of something–someone’s heart opens for you
  • Need to take the initiative to create a breakthrough



  • Trust that romance is unfolding in the time it is meant to
  • Time to take a relationship to the next level
  • Universe is orchestrating conditions for romance
  • Time for a honeymoon; exhilaration
  • Divine time to open your heart to love
  • Time to deal with someone you are/were romantically involved with



  • New beginning by letting go of anger, frustration or confrontation
  • Healing toxic interaction and exchanges
  • Seeking relief from violence or abusive situations
  • Stoking the fires of an argument
  • Revitalizing or reviving an unhealthy relationship



  • Abundant intuition guides you; reaping reward for your effort
  • Intuitive hunches related to wealth; gratitude
  • Trust your instincts about whether a relationship feels right or how to move forward
  • Awareness of scarcity consciousness–yours or others



  • Revelation concerning romance or partner; new information
  • New perspective about dating, courtship
  • Self-awareness through romantic interactions
  • Need to think outside the box concerning a romantic gesture



  • Recognition that it’s time to go
  • Excitement about a trip
  • Baggage related to need for constant attention or spotlight
  • Need for self-expression is saddled with emotional baggage–childhood patterns, ego, past relationships
  • Being oblivious or self-absorbed; inability to get past chronic negative behavior damages or prevents relationship
  • Unresolved issues affect the way you engage
  • Partnership based on shared disappointments rather than common interests or goals



  • Holding on to or withholding information
  • Awareness that relationship is making one of you feel trapped and unable to progress
  • Determining truth about whether you/partner may need greater freedom
  • Seeking inner peace from situation where you have felt stuck; spiritual guidance
  • Confining situation is hindering you from sharing, expressing or making the most of your best self
  • Wisdom of the need to free yourself



  • Solving a problem by releasing ego
  • Initiating healing; willingness to apologize; lessons in humility
  • Illuminating experience; giving or receiving advice
  • Need to take a leadership role; putting needs of others ahead of personal desires
  • Awareness of sacrifice



  • Family feels like liability
  • Reveling in the past; opportunity that didn’t pan out
  • Difficulty moving on–wishes don’t turn out to be what was expected
  • Past influences; feeling unlucky because of the past; allowing memories to block new opportunities
  • Memories distort your perception of luck; misjudgment of luck



  • Lucky in love
  • You have found the perfect partner; marriage material
  • Fortunate in giving/receiving love; generosity
  • Good fortune through self-love–YOU are “the one”
  • Open your heart to receive your mate; need to bring love into your life
  • May be receiving gifts, recognition and good fortune
  • Popularity; variety of suitors take notice of you/partner



  • Karmic transformations; embracing new self-identity
  • Karma creates opportunity for change; opportunity to change your karma
  • Karmic relationship or soulmate may bring you closer to a dream
  • Need for change; you are learning a karmic lesson, paying a karmic debt, or evolving spiritually through an experience orchestrated by the Universe


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