Daily Tarot: Four of Cups

“Many of us crucify ourselves between two thieves–regret for the past and fear of the future.”  Fulton Oursler

You may not be altogether pleased with yourself and some of your recent decisions. Perhaps circumstances have left you emotionally unfulfilled, lacking in motivation and unable to recognize or seize opportunities. The depiction on the card is taken from Waterhouse’s The Remorse of the Emperor Nero after the Murder of his Mother. Like Nero, you may resent misguided attempts to dominate you into aligning with choices made by others who believe they know best for you. You may dismiss an offer because you find it unappealing or problematic. Additionally, you may become emotionally unavailable and refuse to accept a truth or the reality that a situation has changed. While you may withdraw in order to devise a plan or tackle a pressing dilemma, making decisions that affect the future can be difficult as your present situation may be untenable or uncertain. Nero’s rule is also associated with tyranny and extravagance which ultimately led to his suicide. Let this serve as small consolation that the stakes for the consequences of your behavior are probably nowhere near as high! You simply need to get beyond the lethargy and negativity that is currently causing your indifference.

In fact, you may decide to reemerge after a period of isolation and re-enter the social scene. You may be presented with a number of financial or emotional opportunities because of your acute intuitive awareness. If the monotony of life has put a damper on your desires, now is the time to get over yourself and out of the rut to make changes that reawaken your excitement.

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(Deck:  The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot|Robin L. Cole)

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