Daily Tarot: The Star

“We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sometimes hope is all there is, or so it seems. Today requires that you draw on faith and belief in your power to create a better future.  You are now facing a gateway moment where difficult circumstances provide the opportunity to realize your best self. This may mean developing latent talents, rendering aid to others, or seeking help through healing agencies. Perhaps you feel vulnerable in dealing with the reality of recent challenges or disappointments that have been emotionally overwhelming. During this transition, the Universe asks that you find the positive meaning in troubling situations and learn to gauge whether something is worth the pursuit of your time and energy or merely a dead-end drain of your resources. Allow your intuition to direct you without the encumbrance of misguided emotions or old perceptions. As a result, you may receive assistance through unexpected sources to move in new directions you hadn’t considered.

Your willingness to change the game determines whether you win or lose. A pessimistic attitude may delay your plans or complicate a venture. You may be suffering from depression, hopelessness or an illness. Happiness and prosperity are your natural birthright; blindness to existing blessings or refusal to accept the help offered can erode your confidence or cause you to overlook promising opportunities.  Even in difficulty, The Star is a card of inspiration and healing. Renewal is yours for the asking, although it is likely to arrive at a time and in a package ordained by a higher source.

Be sure to watch the tarotscope for your sign at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLrMWKAH7eRy6ho37rTeOw

Love videos for September are available at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/findinglove

(Deck:  The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot|Robin L. Cole)




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