Daily Tarot: Four of Cups

“Less is even less, and more is still not quite enough.” Faith Ringgold

How apropos for a Monday that we start the week off with a lack of motivation due to feeling slightly empty and indifferent. You may experience anxiety because of uncertainty or disappointment with regard to people or issues that relate to your security as the material and emotional aspects of your life are now deeply intertwined. The Four of Cups is encouraging you to make overdue changes to improve a circumstance that has been floundering. This may be in an area of life where you have been taking a situation for granted or relying too heavily on questionable support. In response, you may decide to take a time out and turn inward to reassess recent choices or behaviors before taking the next steps. This may very well be needed, but you could also miss an opportunity presented if you become too withdrawn, isolated or self-absorbed.  In fact, some opportunities you previously rejected may warrant a second look. In other cases, you may refuse an offer based on your foresight of the potential hazards inherent to such a proposal. Either way, you’ll have difficulty moving forward until you resolve a dilemma or complete a task.

If you are a member of the lucky group of individuals who are currently feeling satisfied with self and life, several possibilities await that may provide greater material comfort and emotional satisfaction. There is a bevy of opportunities and supporters at your disposal. You will need to listen to the urgings of your intuition and keep your eyes open for the gift that the Universe is extending.

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(Deck:  Ancient Italian Tarot|Lo Scarabeo, Torino)

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